Pitt Coach Jeff Capel Blasts ACC Network For Being Too Negative Towards League

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The ACC is having a down year in basketball. What is generally the strongest conference, or at least one of the strongest, has just two teams currently ranked in the AP Top 25 poll. Pitt head basketball coach Jeff Capel thinks the ACC Network should spin this more positively.

Speaking on a weekly coaches conference call with the media, Capel said the ACC Network is too negative in its coverage of the league.

“When we were at Virginia Tech, the night before, I’m watching our own network and one of the
first questions that comes up is: ‘Is it perception or reality that the ACC is down?'” Capel said.

“I never see that on the Big Ten Network. I watch the Big Ten Network a lot because one of my best friends coaches in that league, so I’m watching them. They’re always, always pumping the Big Ten. Always. I think it’s a really good league but I think ours is too. I wish the people that represent us
would have the respect, pump our league and be positive, instead of looking at negative things.”

Pitt Panthers head coach Jeff Capel thinks the ACC Network should spin the league's down season more positively.
Pitt Panthers head coach Jeff Capel thinks the ACC Network should spin the league’s down season more positively.(Photo by Brian Bishop/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Pitt coach Jeff Capel wants ACC Network to cheerlead for league

Interesting. First, that Capel frequently watches the Big Ten Network because he has a friend coaching in the league. Second, that he also watches the ACC Network. He might be one of the only ones.

But he essentially wants the ACC Network to forgo all journalistic integrity and become cheerleaders for the ACC.

Asking whether the ACC is down is not being negative — it’s being realistic. North Carolina, the preseason #1, looks like it will miss the NCAA Tournament. Perennial powerhouse Duke is unranked. Pitt is unranked. Only Virginia (#6) and Miami (#13) are currently in the Top 25.

By comparison, the Big 12 has six ranked teams. There are five Big East teams inside the Top 25. The Big Ten and SEC each have three. The ACC boasts the same number of ranked teams as the Pac-12 and the WCC. Not exactly the best company to keep.

According to Capel, though, the ACC Network should pretend that’s not the case. They should talk about how great the league is all the time.

Ignore the facts and cheerlead for your side.

Hmm. That does sound like most 2023 media, doesn’t it?

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