Pistons Legend Isiah Thomas Cuts Off ESPN Interview Over Bad Photo; Max Kellerman Blames ‘White Execs’ For Awkward Scene

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We get that Isiah Thomas is enjoying his moment in the spotlight, but what the heck is he thinking?

One of the OG “Bad Boy” Pistons appeared for an interview on ESPN’s Keyshawn, JMax & Max Show and put on a bit that went on for way too long and was a comedic misfire.

Were they attempting to be funny?

Was Isiah Thomas seriously distraught?

Did Max Kellerman pull out a dull race joke?

Was Isiah Thomas Mad At ESPN?

During his commentary on the program, Isiah Thomas pointed out that the photo used by the ESPN broadcast made him look “upset” and asked the producers to change the image.

Isiah said Keyshawn and Kellerman’s photos looked pleasant while he looked “grumpy,” which apparently bothered the 61-year-old ex-Piston.

After poking fun at the show, Thomas decided he would hang up and call back until the ESPN producers picked a better photo.

(Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)

“What are y’all doing at ESPN to me?” Thomas asked the show hosts.

“Y’all should just take that down,” he added. “Pictures say a lot. And the way y’all got me in this picture, … how about this, I’m going to hang up and call back in 30 seconds. Change that picture of me.”

This is the photo Isiah was “upset” over.


As Max Kellerman begged Thomas to stay on the line — joking that “white executives” were at fault for the bad photo in another bit that flopped — IT still hung up on the interview, ending a minutes-long exchange that was a tonal mess.


IT Still Bitter Over Michael Jordan Feud

Keyshawn Johnson rambled on after IT hung up, defending Thomas for calling out photos that evoke a different persona from a guest. But seriously, it was all overblown. If Thomas, one of the smartest players in NBA history, doesn’t understand the concept of curated images used by a show, there’s simply no hope for this man’s television career moving forward.

Leading up to the interview, Thomas had been in the news over his ongoing feud with Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan.

Since MJ called Thomas an “a**hole” during Jordan’s ESPN-produced “The Last Dance” documentary, Thomas has been making outreaches to the GOAT, asking him to apologize for the “name-calling.”

This is probably Isiah Thomas’ way of getting back at the network responsible for the documentary that started the feud. Honestly, who knows what in the blazes Isiah Thomas is thinking …

Isiah Thomas on NBATV. (Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)

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