Isiah Thomas Reminds Charles Oakley Of A** Kickings, Tells Him To Sit Down Be Humble

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Don King Charles Oakley is calling out former Detroit Pistons star Isiah Thomas amid IT’s feud with Bulls legend Michael Jordan.

Thomas has been salty for the past few years after MJ called him an “a**hole” in the popular documentary, “The Last Dance.” IT has been requesting an apology from the GOAT since the doc aired in 2020.

Oakley Tries To Join MJ-IT Beef, Gets Swatted

Stepping into the discourse was Charles Oakley, who appeared on the “All the Smoke” podcast to take former teammate Jordan’s side and call out Isiah as soft for waiting on an apology.

Former New York Knick, Charles Oakley. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images for BIG3)

“Mike does not wanna be your friend,” Oakley shared with show co-hosts Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson (the worst NBA players to vent to).


Oakley added, “Now you’re trying to say everybody better than Mike. It’s okay, you not better than Mike.  He came to your city and took your city. That’s why you’re really mad. He took over Chicago, I know.”

Oakley’s pointed comments at Thomas led to an online spat where IT shut down the one-time All-Star for talking smack.

Thomas has often gotten pouty over MJ’s comments, but he fully braced for the smoke when it came to Oakley. Isiah caught Oakley’s response on Twitter and quote-tweeted the commentary with the following caption:

“I remember us kicking your a** a lot, someone please check my record vs. any team he played on! Sit down be Humble,” Thomas tweeted.

Wins don’t lie, and Thomas unquestionably holds that advantage over Oakley.

(Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)

Thomas went 19-18 against Oakley in regular-season matchups but was in full control of their playoff duals, going 10-5 against Oakley during his time with the Bulls and Knicks.

Considering Thomas has more championships than Oakley has All-Star noms, perhaps it’s time for the famed New York Knick to sit this one out.

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