Pistons Legend Isiah Thomas Still Waiting On Apology From Michael Jordan For Calling Him ‘A**hole’

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Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan continues to live in Isiah Thomas’ head (to use modern phrasing) rent-free.

MJ’s beef with former Detroit Piston Isiah Thomas is back, as Thomas has called on MJ to apologize for past comments that have fed their ongoing feud.

Thomas appeared on a recent episode of the All The Smoke podcast. He challenged Michael to apologize for calling IT an “a**hole” during an episode of the widely popular Jordan documentary, “The Last Dance.”

Thomas Still Waiting On Apology From Michael Jordan

As Jordan chronicled the Bulls’ success in the ’80s and ’90s, a villain in his story was the Detroit Pistons, led by Thomas.

The Motor City’s physical defense against Phil Jackson’s Bulls weighed heavily on Jordan, pushing him to develop a deeply rooted hate for Thomas and the Pistons.

When Michael Jordan referred to IT as an a**hole, Thomas called for MJ to speak the truth about their connection off the court.

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“I just want some people to be honest,” Thomas said.

He added, “I got no problem sitting down, talking with anybody. I live with love, peace, truth, honesty, courage; I stand on my square. I’m upright. I’d sit in any chair, and I’d talk to anybody. But some people they ain’t telling the truth.

“You got on national television and you called me an a**hole, and then you said you hated me. You said that on national television. Now, if you didn’t mean it, get on national television and apologize for it. Now, if you meant it, let it ride as it is.”

IT Needs To Get Over MJ Beef

Thomas has previously called Michael Jordan out for his comment on the documentary. In 2022, Thomas commented via Eurohoops that Jordan went too far in painting him as a villain.

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Jordan’s lifelong competitive edge has perhaps lent to his short temper — unable to process any criticism after leading the NBA’s most storied career.

Thomas has been the only media figure to get cold-shouldered by Jordan. MJ shunned “Inside the NBA’s” Charles Barkley after the TNT analyst criticized the GOAT for being a sub-par team owner with the Charlotte Hornets.

Thomas can wait on MJ to apologize … or just get over it.

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  1. I’m going to say this. The NBA Era of Jordan/Thomas, the Bulls/Pistons was the greatest in recent history. There were numerous teams with similar relationships as the Bulls and Pistons. Players didn’t love each other like the orgy of friendship that exists today.
    Players like Mr. James who is insulted and offended if someone plays defense on him when in the paint would NOT have been successful. Players like Westbrook who get fans thrown out of road arenas when his feelings get hurt would not have been successful.
    Today’s NBA really sucks and that doesn’t include considering their WOKENESS.

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