Pilot Films Alleged UFO Encounter Lasting More Than 30 Minutes

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An airline pilot allegedly had an encounter with a UFO up in the sky.

UFOs and UAPs are all the rage these days, and with every new video that hits the web of something unexplained, interest only grows.

A new video seems to show a mysterious encounter in the night sky.

In a YouTube video shared by UFO Sightings Daily, a pilot for an unnamed airline filmed an encounter with an unknown flying object that lasted at least 35 minutes.

The unnamed pilot explained the situation with the following in part:

We took off from St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands for a 4-hour flight to Washington Dulles airport. We departed at 2202 ET and landed at 0148 ET. At roughly 0055 ET I began seeing slow pulses of light in the sky directly in front of us (to our north). The pulses would last usually 8-10 seconds each and had gaps of darkness lasting anywhere from 10 seconds to over a minute. They were slowly moving from left to right. The pulses would be gradual (start very dim and grow into a bright light about the brightness of Venus, and then fade away). As an airline pilot, I am positive I was not seeing other airliners. Very few civilian aircraft can fly above 41,000 feet, and the objects were about 10 degrees above the horizon from our perspective. I was not able to tell the distance of the object from our aircraft, but in the 35+ minutes we watched, they never seemed to get any closer even though we covered about 250 nautical miles in that time. For this reason I believe they were in either the upper atmosphere or in space … As a former fighter/attack pilot I am extremely familiar with capabilities of modern aircraft, have trained in CAP (protecting locations from aerial threats) and I am 100% we were not seeing military aircraft or flares.

Watch the video below, and decide for yourself what you think is up in the sky.

What do we all think this light in the sky could be? It’s hard to say for sure, but clearly, something was up there.

Was it another plane? Was it possibly a drone? An experimental military aircraft? All of those are possibilities that can’t be ruled out, but it’s also important to note we have no idea.

The pilot claims to have military experience flying fighter jets, and doesn’t believe what he was looking at was a military aircraft.

Sometimes when you talk about UFOs, people immediately jump to imagining there’s little green men or something else from “Men in Black” zipping around in the sky.

That’s not really what rational people are claiming. What we do know is there have been multiple sightings that simply can’t be explained.

None are more famous than the “tic tac” video, which shares some similarities to this sighting.

Hopefully, we’ll someday get some answers on what these UFOs are. Have an interesting theory? Let us know in the comments!

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