Photos Of Trans Teacher With Size Z Prosthetic Breasts Will Lead To Suspension, Canadian School Warns Students

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Students at a Canadian high school have been warned to stop taking photos of trans shop teacher Kayla Lemieux and her hard-to-miss massive size Z prosthetic boobs or there will be consequences.

Halton School District in Ontario says it will begin suspending Oakville Trafalgar High School students who photograph Ms. Lemieux and the massive fake cannons that have turned the shop teacher into a clickbait machine. The warning comes after students started photographing and sharing images of Lemieux using crutches around the school after a skydiving excursion with a porn star named Voodoo.

According to the Toronto Sun, parents say the school district has issued the threats, but at this time it’s unclear if anyone has been suspended for snapping a shot of Lemieux hobbling through a secondary school.

Trans teacher Size Z prosthetic breasts
According to reports, Kayla Lemieux, the Canadian shop teacher with massive size Z prosthetic boobs, is now walking around the school on crutches, but students have now been threatened with suspension if they take photos of the teacher. / TikTok

Due to the injury, Lemieux has been transferred from normal shop teacher duties, including showing the kids how to handle a miter saw, to a role in the district as a substitute teacher in normal classrooms away from saw blades.

Witnesses tell the Toronto Sun that Lemieux is now receiving extra attention from a police security detail that has been positioned at schools where the international superstar and the fake plastic cans show up for substitute gigs.

“Lemieux gets a personal escort (and) protection everywhere he goes,” a parent told the paper.

It’s been quite a year for the students and Lemieux, who has been photographed and recorded handling shop class assignments like how to use a miter saw. Before Lemieux showed up to school on crutches, the district said there was nothing it could do to remove the teacher and the giant cans from the classroom.

“Even a truly reasonable and non-discriminatory dress code or grooming standards would most likely fail to achieve the HDSB’s intended goal of being an employer that fosters a culture of professionalism, respect, equity and inclusion,” a district representative told the Sun.

Kayla Lemieux Canadian shop teacher giant boobs
Kayla Lemieux instructing shop students on how to use a miter saw. / Twitter

Now try to imagine going through high school — with a phone in your pocket — and not being allowed to take a photo or video of this circus. This will be the most difficult thing a student faces in his/her career at Oakville Trafalgar High School.

Needless to say, Kayla’s students will never forget their high school years and the teacher with the humongous prosthetic boobs.

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