The City Of Philadelphia Tries To Cancel The Christmas Tree, Continues To Be A Woke Hell Hole

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New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington D.C. routinely get mentioned as the most woke, out-of-touch cities in the United States. While all four of those cities have their flaws, Philadelphia may have just earned The Woke Crown with its latest attempt in trying to cancel the Christmas tree.

Philadelphia held its annual tree lighting ceremony in front of City Hall last week celebrating the start of the Christmas season. Santa and Mrs. Claus were in attendance, Christmas carols were played, and the entire building was decked out in Christmas decor.

Everything about the occasion was Christmas, except the grandest Christmas symbol of all: the actual tree.


City officials refuse to identify the tree as a Christmas tree, instead, they refer to it as a “holiday tree.” The city’s website even promoted the event as the ‘City of Philadelphia Holiday Tree Lighting Celebration’ and the word ‘Christmas’ is not found anywhere in the event’s description.

No other major cities are trying to cancel Christmas trees, at least not yet. New York City and the Rockefeller Center call it a ‘Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony,’ as do Chicago and Washington D.C.

The Christmas Tree Philadelphia wants you to call a ‘Holiday Tree.’ (Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images)

Philadelphia’s Decade-Long Attempt To Cancel Christmas

Philadelphia has hated Christmas for quite some time now.

As the Washington Examiner notes, the city’s Christmas market was called the ‘Christmas Village’ but had its name briefly changed to ‘Holiday Village’ back in 2010 with the city looking to get a head start on ‘inclusivity.’ After Jay Leno called out the city’s ridiculous decision, it was changed back to being called the ‘Christmas Village.’

The most ironic piece to this story is that the city officially refers to the market as the ‘Christmas Village’ today, but refuses to call the Christmas tree a Christmas tree.

The ‘Christmas Village‘ is located less than 100 yards from the tree.


In Democrat-run Philadelphia filled with an overwhelming majority of left-leaning citizens, Christmas trees are apparently political and divisive.

For the rest of us with common sense who appreciate tradition and aren’t looking to cancel everything to be more ‘inclusive,’ Christmas trees are not political.

As someone who lived three blocks from City Hall in Philadelphia for an excruciating 12 months, none of this news surprises me one bit.

Some people may be thinking that giving this story added publicity is only playing into the hands of Philadelphia city officials. I’d guess that those same people also refuse to believe other long-standing traditions and aspects of American culture are quietly being swept under the rug.

Philadelphia will continue on its journey in trying to outpace its rival liberal cities, it’s too far down that path to turn around, but someone has to write and talk about these cities pushing agendas and catering to the anti-American, anti-tradition crowd.

We’ll proudly take responsibility of doing so here at OutKick.

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  1. The mayor is a left wing douchebag. City council is made up of anti White racists. Philly used to be a great city made up of ethnic neighborhoods. Now, it’s an out of control sewer.

  2. The left always mocks the people who warn about “Christ being taken out of Christmas.” As they systematically moved to remove Christianity from the holiday and downplay its importance in favor of….Kwanza? Which nobody participates in. And the classic argument of it being a repurposed pagan holiday…so what? Every idea known as ‘liberal’ has its own roots in Christianity, and been repurposed to fit woke ideology, no matter how much left wing atheist cringelords want to deny it.

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