Peyton Manning Films Tennessee Baseball Promo With Team Headed To… Yup… OMAHA

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NFL legend and former Tennessee Volunteer Peyton Manning helped his alma mater’s baseball team get ready for the College World Series.

Fitting, seeing as it’s held each year in a city that has become synonymous with Manning even though he never played there: Omaha, Nebraska.

The Volunteers topped Southern Miss to secure a trip to the College World Series.

So, the school got one of its most esteemed alumni in Manning and had him bust out those comedic acting chops of his (which are always way better than they have any business being) for something of a tongue-in-cheek hype video.

Brilliant work.

“Omaha” was famously Manning’s way of calling an audible. In his post-playing days, he used the name for his production company, Omaha Productions.

Once again, Manning always impresses me when he acts.Most athletes are awful actors. He’s pretty good and also has some comedic timing. Think back to Manning’s turn hosting SNL. That was before the show turned into the flaming pile of horse manure it is today. The United Way sketch featuring Manning is a standout from an era full of standout sketches.

Harnessing those chops and getting a big like Manning to be in your promo video is a great way to kick off a run through the College World Series.

The Volunteers overcame what was at times a rocky season to make it to Omaha. They open their tournament against LSU on Saturday evening.

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