Pete Davidson And Eli Manning Become Instagram Official!

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Congratulations to Pete Davidson and Eli Manning on their new Instagram bromance.

The former Saturday Night Live star announced his return to Instagram by posting a video lying in bed next to the New York Giants Hall of Fame quarterback.

No word yet from Davidson’s latest girlfriend Emily Ratajkowski if she’s jealous of one of the Manning brothers getting so close to her man.


Davidson and Manning’s new joint Instagram account is “pete_eli10.” A bio in the account’s profile reads, “We both don’t have Instagram so we made one together.” It then links to a YouTube page on the official New York Giants channel with the two hanging out, cracking jokes and even playing Madden.

It’s unclear what the two are planning although it appears to be some sort of content series.

In one photo, Eli is pointing towards a New York Giants tattoo that Pete has on his lower abs.


I kind of love a Pete Davidson / Eli Manning mashup. Everybody loves Eli and he’s never really involved in any drama. Meanwhile, everyone (or at least some of the most beautiful women on the planet) love them some Pete Davidson.

Davidson taking Eli out around NYC on a weekend bender would be absolute GOLD. It’d be like a younger sibling visiting his older brother at college and just getting absolutely wrecked for the first time. Clothes all disheveled, marker writing on his forehead, bloodshot eyes and no recollection of the past 48 hours. Davidson and Manning would be TMZ’s content dream.

The duo work out perfectly. Hell, sign them up right now to star in Step Brothers 2.

Just a few years ago Eli would have been the last person to team up with Pete Davidson. However, Manning has propelled into the spotlight lately thanks to the success of ESPN2’s ManningCast program. Eli and older brother Peyton do a watch-along during Monday Night Football and interview a variety of guests while showcasing their personalities. The simulcast has become a hit with many on social media preferring it over the actual ESPN broadcast.


The new Instagram account marks Davidson’s return to Instagram after repeatedly leaving and rejoining the platform. He last deleted his account in February amidst threats from Kanye West as Pete was dating West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Essentially, Davidson was like the hell with this lunatic coming after me, I’m deleting Instagram.

Since then, we’ve seen what has happened to Kanye West, while Davidson is now dating Emily Ratajkowski and hanging out with Super Bowl winning quarterbacks. Pete for the win.

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