PETA Attacks Georgia For Using Live Bulldog As Mascot

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C’mon, dawg!

PETA congratulated the defending Georgia Bulldogs on their CFP National Championship win with a strongly worded request on Thursday, begging the program to stop using a live bulldog as their mascot.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals urged the ‘Dawgs to no longer use Uga as their mascot due to their impact on an increased demand for “deformed dogs,” namely French or English bulldogs who are known for their ugly-adorable faces and breathing problems (BIB, breathing-impaired breeds).

UGA, the bulldog to rule them all.

In their statement, PETA declared that animals are not meant to be used for people’s entertainment, which would be true if not for the existence of viral cat videos and addictive baby monkey TikToks. But to each their own.

“As the back-to-back national champion, can’t UGA find it in its heart to honestly examine the impact of its promotion of deformed dogs and call time on its outdated, live-animal mascot program?” PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman asked, days after Georgia defeated TCU in the championship game, 65-7.

Reiman added, “PETA is calling on (University of Georgia president) Jere Morehead to be a peach and replace poor Uga with a human mascot who can support the team in a winning way.”


Having used live bulldogs as mascots since 1956, with the current iteration “Uga X” representing the 10th dog in that lineage, there was seemingly a fat chance that Georgia could cave to the demand … but PETA’s gonna PETA.

Georgia AD Josh Brooks released a statement, via Fox News Digital, responding to PETA’s request.

“We are proud of our beloved mascot and grateful for the excellent care provided by Uga’s devoted owners, the Seiler family,” Brooks said in the statement.

Unforuntalety, Uga X was unable to attend Monday’s championship game at So-Fi Stadium due to the five-plus-hour flight.

After Monday’s outcome, PETA should be more concerned with saving Horned Frogs.

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