YouTuber Has Pet Fish Play Video Games, Makes Charges To His Credit Card Instead

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A Japanese YouTuber set out to solve one of nature’s greatest mysteries — can a fish successfully play video games? — and wound up with some tough-to-explain credit card charges.

According to Techspot, YouTuber “Mutekimaru Channel” set out to see if their pet fish could complete a Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch. If you’re wondering how a fish is supposed to play video games, it’s a fair question that has a shockingly reasonable answer. The YouTuber set up a webcam that tracks the fish’s motion and using a grid allows it to play the game.

This wasn’t even this fish’s first video game rodeo. In 2020, it cleared a different Pokemon game. It took 3,195 hours. Sure, a human is supposed to be able to do that in about 30 hours, but that’s a pretty good score for something that swims in its own excrement.

A YouTuber wanted to see if his fish could play video games but wound up with some difficult-to-explain credit card charges. (Photo by Joby Sessions/Future via Getty Images)

The Video Game-Playing Fish Decided To Go Shopping

So, it was time to see if the fish could repeat the feat. Mutekimaru got everything set up and let the fish have at it. However, with its owner away from the live stream, the fish decided to go on a shopping spree.

The ichthyological world now has an answer to the age-old question, “are fish bad with money?” The answer is a resounding yes.

Somehow, the fish managed to input the right controls so that its owner’s credit card was charged ¥500 in the Nintendo eShop. That’s only about $4. It bought a new avatar and sent a Paypal confirmation email.

It also changed Mutekimaru’s screen name to “ROWAWAWAWA¥.”Whether or not that translates to some kind of vulgarity in a yet-to-be-deciphered fish language could remain a mystery.

If that were me I’d just eat the $4. There’s no sense in calling the credit card company. Imagine trying to explain this situation over the phone.

“Hi, my pet fish stole my card info… Sure, I was trying to make it play Pokemon… I actually had him for it before… *click*… Hello?

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