People Are Paying Ridiculous Prices For Colin Kaepernick’s Game-Worn Jersey

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What’s a good way to shell out thousands of dollars with practically zero return on investment? Buying a game-worn Colin Kaepernick jersey.

People are apparently willing to spend lucrative amounts of money for a game-worn Kaepernick jersey. According to TMZ Sports, the game-worn garb from a 2016 Divisional-Round matchup against the Green Bay Packers is being auctioned with a projected price of $40,000.

Considering Kaepernick’s second act of his career vehemently compared the NFL’s operations to slave trade, it’s intriguing to watch his memorabilia go up for sale at an exorbitant price, which starts at a bidding price of $10,000.

Plus, with the money Kaepernick has made after settling with the NFL, it’s a surprise that he’s selling the jersey rather than simply donating it.

Despite a solid performance in the postseason matchup against the Packers, where he totaled more than 400 yards of offense, Kaepernick’s legacy will forever be remembered for trying to tear down the NFL over its supposed mistreatment of its millionaire athletes and confused messaging on police reform.

In his Netflix documentary, Kaepernick compared the NFL combine to a slave auction because scouts take measurements of height, weight and overall physical ability on the prospects.


Kaepernick also fumbled a return to football when he repeatedly duped teams willing to give him a tryout by laying out a list of requirements to attend the workout, such as keeping all NFL media prohibited from taping the session. Certainly a tall ask for a free agent to make.

Whoever lands the overpriced jersey is likely to be more concerned with Kaep as an activist rather than an athlete, which is a fair characterization of the majority of fans.

Had it been all for the love of the game, Kaepernick’s legacy wouldn’t be in the dirty laundry bin as it is now.

What’s next, selling Kaep’s game-worn pants, fit with authentic grass stains on one knee?

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