WATCH: Scene From Colin Kaepernick’s Netflix Project Compares NFL Combine To Slave Auction

Colin Kaepernick, who has bypassed several opportunities to return to the NFL, has officially transitioned into full-time political figure.

Not having played an NFL snap since 2016, Kaepernick is giving in to the notion of becoming a martyr — now producing content where he uses his identity to satiate radical left-wing narratives.

In a scene from a new drama series released by Netflix, titled Colin In Black & White, the former quarterback reminisces on the NFL combine and compares the path-to-the-draft process to mid-1800’s-style slave auctions.

Kaepernick, narrating a lineup of players who trade in their cleats for shackles, claims that the League looks for deficiencies in players to assign them value as human slaves, not paid athletes.


From the makeup chair to the green screen, Kaepernick walks through scenes of his life — feeding a narrative that America still evaluates its people by skin color in the 21st century.

Critics have called Kaepernick out in the past for getting the NFL to flinch and pay him for essentially not being able to find a roster spot. The former 49ers quarterback deemed himself “blackballed” by the NFL, despite receiving tryout invites from various teams.

In 2019, Kaepernick attended a tryout for the Atlanta Falcons and left prematurely when he spotted cameras from the League filming the event. He went on to call the NFL’s process “illegitimate.”

Kaepernick agreed to a deal with Netflix to produce and star in the six-part drama: following his journey from the football field to the pages of the Times.

Since leaving the NFL, Kaepernick has accrued over $20 million in net worth: between the NFL’s settlement, ongoing Nike endorsement deal and Netflix’s production contract.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. This clip is hilarious. It’s absurdity is mind boggling. That a network would pay this clown millions to develop something that resembles a cartoon leaves me incredulous. Wow. I’ll give him this…the half White boy has got an Afro straight from the blaxploitation films of the 60’s.

  2. Haven’t seen it. Definitely will NOT see it. Watching a confused grifter with vocabulary and brain development of a twelve year old just doesn’t do it for me. I’d rather watch reality tv which is equally as ridiculous then give this bozo five minutes of my time. At least he’s keeping those kids in China with good paying jobs and full benny’s. Keep up the good work Kap!👍🏻👌🏻😉

  3. This is absurd… I’ll start watching the NFL again when they have the balls to call this BS out through the left-wing media… hey guys want to make a difference? STOP paying the companies and people that hate you… stop watching the NFL, stop gambling on it, stop playing fantasy football, stop spending money with Nike!

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