Paul Rudd’s Son Steals The Show During Post-Super Bowl Interview

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Paul Rudd’s son Jack might be a star in his own right.

The Hollywood star and Chiefs fan was in attendance Sunday night at the Super Bowl with his son, and after Mahomes won his second ring, Jack stole the show while speaking with Peter Schrager.

“I just want to thank Patrick Mahomes for existing … I’m so lucky that I’m alive to watch this. I cannot believe he is a real person. I don’t know how to explain it,” Jack said with a look of joy that simply can’t be faked.

Jack Rudd’s joy was incredible.

There are occasionally moments that remind you just how awesome sports are. There are some moments that remind you just how much sports impacts people.

This was one of those moments. You can’t fake that kind of enthusiasm. You either have it or you don’t, and Jack Rudd had plenty of it.

He was fired up and just spitting facts about Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

Paul Rudd and his son were fired up to watch the Chiefs win the Super Bowl. The Chiefs beat the Eagles. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

And why wouldn’t he be fired up? The Chiefs have been dominant for the most formative years of his life (Google tells me he’s 17).

He’s grown up getting to watch a generational talent lead his NFL team. It’s something we all dream about but very few will ever get to experience.

Lastly, it is amazing how much Paul Rudd’s son looks like him. They’re spitting images of each other, and that’s obvious when they’re standing next to each other. The genetics are strong in that family.

Jack Rudd looks a lot like his dad Paul. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

Props to the Chiefs and the Rudds for having one hell of a great night down in Arizona.

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