Paul Finebaum Goes Scorched Earth On Nick Saban

Paul Finebaum cut loose on Alabama coach Nick Saban following a loss to LSU.

The Tigers stunned the Crimson Tide 32-31 Saturday, and Alabama’s shot at the College Football Playoff is pretty done.

Despite entering the year with all the hype in the world, Alabama just hasn’t been what fans expected, and Finebaum thinks Saban has nobody but himself to blame.

“You can choose your words harshly or you can be calm and say, ‘Nick Saban will recover from this,’ but I don’t know the answer to that. I know he’s wasted the best quarterback [Bryce Young] perhaps in Alabama history, maybe one of the best defensive players [Will Anderson], and you laid out the rest of the team, it seems a shame, quite frankly, when you look at it from an Alabama perspective, what’s happened,” Finebaum claimed during a conversation with Matt Barrie, according to

The famous college football pundit and ESPN star further added, “Nick Saban wasn’t really sure how to respond, he said I’m not second-guessing anyone, well he ought to second-guess himself. This has been Nick Saban’s worst coaching job at Alabama. By my count, this has been the fourth time that he’s been outcoached. Sarkisian, Texas, Jimbo Fisher outcoached him, Josh Heupel, add Brian Kelly to that list.”

Will Nick Saban and Alabama bounce back?

Alabama is currently 7-2 with losses to Tennessee and LSU. It would take a miracle at this point for the Crimson Tide to punch a ticket to the CFP.

That might sound harsh but it’s true. A multi-loss team has never made it, and it’s hard to believe Alabama will change that trend this season.

Alabama is 7-2 after losing to LSU. (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

However, it’s important to remember Alabama having a down year is still substantially better than most of the country. It’s not like Alabama lost some scrub teams.

The Crimson Tide lost a pair of road games to very good SEC opponents. All the chatter and talk about Alabama’s dynasty being over is greatly over exaggerated.

Nick Saban is still the best coach in college football history. Anyone who thinks he’s down and out for good is an idiot. He will bounce back, the Crimson Tide will continue to be great under his leadership and Alabama will remain an elite program.

Is Nick Saban’s dynasty in Tuscaloosa over? (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

It’s just a disappointing year with no CFP bid on the horizon. The fact Alabama can finish with 10+ wins and fans still won’t be happy tells you everything you need to know about expectations in Tuscaloosa.

Written by David Hookstead

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