Patrick Reed May Or May Not Have Totaled His Masters-Themed Porsche

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Patrick Reed treated himself to a new car shortly after winning the Masters in 2018. It wasn’t just any new car, either, it was a $450,000 Porsche 911 GT2 and he put his own touch on the vehicle by having it Masters themed.

The body of the car was painted dark green, slightly darker than Masters green, with yellow brake calipers. Reed showed off some photos of the custom car back in September 2019 to his Instagram.

The Porsche looks a bit different these days.

As first reported by Lewin Day of The Drive, the Porsche 911 recently showed up on a salvage website with 361 miles on it. While it’s unclear who the driver was when the car got into the accident, the VIN number matches the one of Reed’s car, according to the website.

According to the listing on Copart, the estimated retail value of the care is just shy of $451,000 and the wrecked car was sold for $132,000 shortly after it was listed.

Interestingly enough, the sale location of the car is Houston, Texas, and Reed lives in The Woodlands just north of the city.

If Reed was the person behind the wheel during the wreck or the seller who took a massive hit, he isn’t exactly hurting for money these days. Reed earned $1 million just last weekend by finishing T-3 in LIV Golf’s event in Australia, which will soften the potential loss he took on the Porsche.

Written by Mark Harris

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