Patrick Mahomes Is Awesome At Beer Pong, To The Surprise Of Exactly Nobody

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Is there anything Patrick Mahomes isn’t capable of dominating?

The Chiefs QB closed out the season by winning his second Super Bowl ring, but it turns out his domination doesn’t end when he takes his pads off.

In a post-Super Bowl vlog shared by teammate Skyy Moore, the star NFL passer absolutely cooked Travis Kelce in a game of beer pong.

He didn’t just beat Kelce. He embarrassed him and hit 10 straight cups.

Patrick Mahomes can’t stop winning.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen or heard about Mahomes’ skills on the pong tables. It was revealed Kelce and the QB once rolled Post Malone so bad the popular singer got their names tattooed on him.

Now, Mahomes busted out those skills against his star TE, and buried him. We’re talking 10 straight cups. What’s more impressive: winning the Super Bowl on a bum ankle or hitting 10 straight beer pong shots? We’re open to hearing arguments.

Patrick Mahomes destroys Travis Kelce in beer pong. There doesn’t seem to be anything the Kansas City Chiefs QB can’t do. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

It’s also awesome to know Patrick Mahomes isn’t that much different from a regular dude. Sure, he sells out NFL stadiums and is a generational QB talent, but once you look past that, it turns out he likes to rage just like the rest of us.

What are the odds if you’re an OutKick reader you were a pretty seasoned pong veteran in college? What are the odds if you’re reading this you’ve done a keg stand or two? Probably close to 100%.

You’re no different than Patrick Mahomes. The man loves beer and won’t apologize for it!

Next time someone tells you to put the beer down, just remind them Patrick Mahomes enjoys a cold brew and he has two Super Bowl rings. Clearly, you’re doing something right.

Written by David Hookstead

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