Super Bowl Win Over Eagles Would Warrant Tom Brady Comparisons For Patrick Mahomes, Former Chiefs Star Claims

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Patrick Mahomes could be a two-time Super Bowl champion before turning 28 years old if the Kansas City Chiefs are able to hold off the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. If that happens, conversations comparing Mahomes with Tom Brady need to start, at least that’s according to former Chiefs great Jamaal Charles.

Mahomes is undoubtedly one of the best players of his generation and is well on his way to a spot in the Hall of Fame, but being a Hall of Fame quarterback and being compared to the greatest quarterback to ever do it are two very different things.


Charles has already crowned Mahomes as the best Chief of all time, but he sees Mahomes on his way to a different crown if he earns a win on Sunday.

“He’s definitely passed me for sure for being the all-time greatest Chief player already with what he’s accomplished,” Charles told Fox News Digital. “He’s already won a Super Bowl and he’s been to the Super Bowl three times. He’s definitely one of the greatest all-time Chiefs players, and Travis Kelce as well.

“If he wins this, it’s not about the Chiefs – it’s what his legacy (will be) in the NFL. Can he continue to be chasing Tom Brady. That’s basically the goal. Everybody’s gonna start comparing him.”

Patrick Mahomes being compared to Tom Brady? Jamaal Charles is on board. (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

Brady won his first Super Bowl during his second season in the league and went on to win two more before turning 28 years old. While Mahomes won’t be able to win three Super Bowls before turning 28, he could earn his second in three appearances this weekend, making the comparison of the two quarterbacks at similar times of their careers not outlandishly crazy.

It may seem odd to say given how many more years Mahomes has left under his belt, but if he wants to catch Brady’s seven titles this Sunday’s game against Philadelphia feels like a must win.

Written by Mark Harris

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