Patrick Mahomes’ Hateable Brother Appears Ready For The NFL Season

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How do I know the NFL is BACK? There’s new footage of Jackson Mahomes at a bar out this month showing the NFL’s most hateable brother in action where it appears he’s asking club management why he’s being kicked out.

Just when 99.9% of us had forgotten about Jackson, 22, and his stupid TikTok dances, he shoots right back into the front of my brain where he’ll now reside for at least 20 weeks. One thing will lead to another and he’ll be on a private jet with Brit Brit Mahomes and they’ll be in a suite somewhere around the NFL screaming about how rich they are (thanks, Patrick) and how they have a Super Bowl ring (thanks, Patrick).

In his latest act of stupidity, Jackson’s at some unidentified club stating his case to police and club officials. What did he do? Who knows. Doesn’t matter. It’s just another moment in time for the NFL’s Most Disliked character.

This jerkoff is hated more than Dan Snyder. That’s hard to do.

Let’s not forget it was just eight months ago when a Kansas City bar went on the attack after Jackson played the entitlement card and tried to shame the place for not accommodating his “very large group,” according to SoT, a downtown K.C. cocktail bar.

“We are sorry that you have the reach that you do, or at leas that you think you do and that instead of using it for something positive you decided to use it to try and crush a small business,” the bar wrote on social media.

Those who think this is all about nothing need to remember that during the 2021 season, Patrick Mahomes revealed to the media that he’d talked to his brother about his antics and how he needed to be less hateable.

A month later, Jackson Mahomes was doing a TikTok dance on Sean Taylor’s ’21’ logo.

Get ready, folks.

Jackson Mahomes appears ready to pick up where he left off as the most-hated modern-day NFL brother. He has a reputation to uphold and he’s not going down without a battle.


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Written by Joe Kinsey

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