Patrick Mahomes Faced With Questions Over Brother Jackson Mahomes’ Aggravated Sexual Battery Drama

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Patrick Mahomes is already facing questions concerning brother Jackson Mahomes after the latter’s turbulent offseason.

Answering the media at Chiefs OTAs on Wednesday, the reigning Super Bowl MVP was asked about Jackson’s aggravated sexual battery case, stemming from an incident in February.

Jackson Mahomes, 23, was caught in a controversy after forcing himself onto a woman at a Kansas City bar. He was arrested on May 3, putting more of a strain on the association between Pat Mahomes and the embattled brother / TikTok star.

Now tasked to clean up after his little brother’s mess, Patrick Mahomes is addressing the fuss by staying focused on football.

Patrick Mahomes Deflects Jackson’s Controversies At OTAs

“Honestly, it’s kind of a personal thing that I just kind of gotta keep to myself,” Mahomes said on Wednesday.

Mahomes added, “At the end of the day, I come here to play football and try to take care of my family at the same time. So just kind of keep it to myself and just go out there and play football when I’m in the building.”

As reported by OutKick, the 22-year-old was booked into the Johnson County, Kansas jail on the morning of May 3 (7:45 a.m.). Based on the court records available, Jackson Mahomes faces three counts of sexual battery and one count of misdemeanor battery for the February incident.

Generally known for his shameful social media dancing —i.e., annoying the masses with his pretentious behavior — Jackson Mahomes unlocked a new wave of haters after the bar incident.

No one has taken a firm stance alongside Jackson Mahomes for his reprehensible move at the KC bar. Kansas City wifey Brittany Mahomes sounded ready to cut ties with her longtime bestie after his arrest.

Brittany Mahomes posted a cryptic message on her Instagram Stories that read, “As you get older you start to understand the difference between friends and associates, family and blood, business and work, love and lust, want and need. And most of all what’s important and what’s not.”

There’s no telling how long this legal battle will stretch out.

The only thing for certain is Jackson Mahomes’ propensity to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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