Pittsburgh’s Pat Narduzzi Hears North Carolina QB Drake Maye Was Offered $5 Million To Leave But Doesn’t Name School

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The ongoing cycle of transfer portal stories continued Tuesday, with Pittsburgh coach Pat Narduzzi the latest to join the fray. In an interview with ‘93.7 The Fan‘, Narduzzi mentioned that he has heard North Carolina’s Drake Maye was offered $5 million to transfer.

Now, this is not out of the realm of possibility; Maye is a top-level quarterback and would be worth every penny. But we are starting to get into the frenzy of coaches throwing out accusations. On Monday, UTSA coach Jeff Traylor said the following on social media.

“Dear @NCAAFootball How does @UTSAFTBL report Power 5 Schools who are trying to poach our young talent? How much evidence do we really need to make this not be a part of our game?”

Clearly coaches are tired of opposing schools coming after current players on their rosters. But without naming anyone specific, this will end up turning into just another tweet. North Carolina’s Mack Brown was quick to point out this week that Drake Maye was being tampered with, but failed to point any fingers.

“I can’t say [who they are] and don’t ask Drake. You know who they are. Just look at all the ones who are getting all the top recruits.”‘

UNC quarterback Drake Maye wins several awards. (Credit: Getty Images)
North Carolina QB Drake Maye. (Getty Images)

Coaches Continue To Be Vague About Colleagues

This is where things start to become gossip. If these coaches are going to continue doing interviews where they claim that tampering is rampant, then one of these coaches needs to stand up and start naming other schools.

There will not be any type of change in college football if these coaches are going to throw out accusations without following through with culprits. I get it, most of these guys are most likely doing the same thing at some level, so why draw further attention.

We all remember when Nick Saban called out Jimbo Fisher, which turned into a war of words. If coaches are going to continue running to social media or the airwaves to complain, then it’s time to start calling folks out.

Hiding behind the ‘I’m not gonna day’ line is not going to get these coaches far. The transfer portal and NIL aren’t going anywhere, so either start talking or keep it to yourself.

Written by Trey Wallace

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