Pat McAfee Reaches Agreement With Brett Favre To Drop Lawsuit, No Money Paid As Part Of Settlement

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Pat McAfee has reached an agreement to have Brett Favre’s lawsuit against him withdrawn. A Favre spokesperson told OutKick on Thursday there was a settlement agreement, and McAfee addressed the issue at the top of his Thursday show.

The incredibly popular sports commentator and former Colts punter was hit with a lawsuit after he accused Favre of having a role in a scheme to funnel money away from programs intended for public use to go to personal matters. Favre alleged McAfee called him a “thief” who stole “from poor people in Mississippi.”

The former Packers QB sued McAfee for defamation, and while it looked like the host of the “The Pat McAfee Show” was ready to fight to the bitter end, the situation has already been resolved.

McAfee addressed the situation Thursday and noted his comments were meant to be humorous and nothing more.

“My statements expressing comedic style were based solely on public information and allegations,” McAfee explained at the start of his show.

He also made it clear he has “no personal knowledge about any case involving Brett in Mississippi. I am pleased to report based solely on me again clarifying these points now with no settlement paid, Brett is withdrawing his suit against me.”

Favre also announced he was very happy to have settled the lawsuit with Pat McAfee and is ready to just talk some football.

While sports fans might have been looking forward to a massive legal battle between Favre and McAfee, it’s not going to happen.

The two men have reached an agreement to put this situation behind them. McAfee made some comments about Favre allegedly being involved in a sinister financial scheme, got sued and it’s now been settled.

Pretty cut and dry. It’s also incredibly important to note Brett Favre hasn’t been charged with anything related to the scheme.

However, he does remain part of a lawsuit brought by the state against nearly 40 individuals for their alleged connections to the scheme. Favre had asked to be dismissed from the lawsuit but a judge ruled against him, according to The Associated Press.

Pat McAfee settles Brett Favre lawsuit. (Credit: Getty Images)
Pat McAfee settles Brett Favre lawsuit. McAfee had been sued for defamation over claims about Favre allegedly being tied to a scheme to funnel public money for purposes other than its intended use. (Credit: Getty Images)

While his issues with Pat McAfee are behind him, Favre isn’t out of the woods just yet. Make sure to keep checking back for updates on the situation as OutKick as them.

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