Pat McAfee Is ‘Amazing,’ And That’s The Bottom Line Cause Stone Cold Said So…

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If Pat McAfee’s jump to ESPN doesn’t work out, he’s got a hell of a fallback option in the WWE.

Don’t take my word for it, listen to someone who knows a thing or two about bouncing off sweaty dudes in leotards and jumping off turnbuckles, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

TMZ asked Austin about McAfee – who shared a ring with Austin at WrestleMania 38 – and Stone Cold offered high praise for McAfee.

“Pat has a natural feel for the business,” Austin told TMZ. “Epic performer. Great on the stick. Athletically, that match he had with [Austin] Theory was awesome.”

Austin thinks so highly of McAfee’s ring work, that he considers the former Colts punter to be in the upper echelon of wrestlers who have received, then sold, a Stone Cold Stunner.

“Top three. Top three,” Stone Cold said of the Stunner he applied to McAfee at WrestleMania 38. “I gotta say top three because, ya know, The Rock, number one. The way he oversold (it). Scott Hall and some of the other guys that took it (were second).

“…The kicker was, not only the sell of the Stunner,” Austin said of third-best McAfee’s performance. “…To lay there, sellin’, still guzzling the beer. The presence of mind to adlib and improvise it like ‘this is a moment,’ without even thinking about it…”

Pat McAfee has both wrestled in, and served as commentator for the WWE . (Photo by Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images).

Stone Cold Obviously Impressed By Pat McAfee

Unsurprisingly, Stone Cold has taken a liking to the beer-drinking-audience-pleasing-always-working McAfee.

“I think he’s amazing. He’s very entertaining,” Austin said of Pat McAfee. “And, as a human being, I like him a whole lot.”

That’s likely music to the ears of the 36-year-old McAfee who’s seemingly gone from hero-to-zero in the eyes of some have questioned his announced move to ESPN. As OutKick’s Alejandro Avila alluded to earlier this week, McAfee noted that he’s received quite a bit of backlash on social media since his pending move was made public.

“It’s been tough to go over the mentions,” McAfee said during Thursday’s The Pat McAfee Show.

But don’t feel too bad for Pat, in addition to tens of millions of dollars, he’s got Stone Cold in his corner.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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