Pat McAfee Somehow ‘Surprised’ His Audience Didn’t Approve Move To ESPN: ‘Some Of The Things That Are Said Are Very, Very Rude’

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Pat McAfee couldn’t foresee his audience hating the move to ESPN … really?

As McAfee’s eponymous show transitions to becoming part of the Worldwide Leader in Woke, the ex-NFL player wonders why so many people are mad at the move.

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After all, for a show that prides itself in saying whatever the (eff) they want on the radio, moving to one of the most censored platforms in sports perhaps doesn’t come off as the brightest idea.

But money talks.

Pat McAfee Left Stunned That People Don’t Like ESPN…

On Thursday’s episode of “The Pat McAfee Show,” the host gave his thoughts on the backlash he’s received for deciding to accept ESPN’s massive deal.

“It’s been tough to go over the mentions,” McAfee said“It has been tough out there. I don’t think I expected that. That was a miscalculation … I think the reason I didn’t expect it is because it didn’t even cross my mind…I feel like our people are the ones that were most mad. It’s like, ‘Hey, we have a good history, do we not?'”

“I don’t know,” McAfee added. “I guess not. … Some of the things that are being said are very, very, very rude.”

McAfee has repeatedly warned his loyal base of followers that the only difference in his commentary will be “less f-bombs,” but the reality of his massive move has yet to be realized.

Many are expecting the worst in terms of how the program will change and adapt to suit ESPN’s audience (after all, they’re paying to keep the lights on).

Jumping to a network that has celebrated women in men’s sports and guided their pundits to spew woke nonsense on the air, it’s hard to imagine McAfee’s show not changing in the slightest.

Even McAfee himself previously said that he would never sell out to ESPN after they prohibited their talent from hopping on McAfee’s program. Oops.

As reported by OutKick’s Mike Gunz, “The former Colts punter-turned-sports media star confirmed the rumored announcement Tuesday that will see ESPN paying him a reported $10 million a year. He leaves behind a $120 million deal with FanDuel.”

Did McAfee sell out by moving to ESPN? Let us know…

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