Paige Spiranac Eviscerates Men Who Shoot Their Shot With Vulgar Images

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Paige Spiranac had a blunt message for men who love sending graphic images in the DMs.

It’s not a secret there are some very weird dudes out there who think it’s totally appropriate and proper to send graphic photos of their genitals to women (spoiler: it’s not), and Spiranac took to Twitter late Tuesday night to clown those fools.

“How men expect me to act when they send d*ck pics in the DMs,” Spiranac captioned a photo of herself taking down a tackling dummy.

The Instagram star is currently on the ground at the Super Bowl doing a little reporting, and seems to also be finding time to fire some shots on social media.

Paige Spiranac continues to be a content master.

When I woke up this morning, a viral tweet from Paige Spiranac about weird dudes firing off groin pictures isn’t what I expected to see.

Yet, here we are. Leave it to Spiranac to dominate the off-the-field narrative and headlines at the Super Bowl.

You’re focused on the Chiefs and Eagles? That’s nice. Good for you. Paige Spiranac is focused on trolling and mocking men firing off unsolicited pictures in the DMs like its artillery in Vietnam.

Paige Spiranac mocks men who send unsolicited graphic photos. She sent a viral tweet mocking them. (Credit: Getty Images)

Paige Spiranac has been on fire lately on social media. She’s been on hell of a bender, and landing a role at the Super Bowl is just the latest sign her brand is only growing stronger.

The fact she also has the ability to also crack a few jokes along the way proves why she remains undefeated.

It should be interesting to see what else she cranks out in the coming days. Never change, Paige. Never change.

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  1. Oh for Heaven Sakes …. She is in the soft porn bizness. All that separates her from “the adult film bizness” is a couple of inches of a thong bikini. She is “selling sex”. …. Is she expecting a dinner invite from Tim Tebow or Brock Purdy ???

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