Paige Spiranac Slams Double-Standard When It Comes To Men Vs.Women Showing Their Bodies And She Might Have A Great Point

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Social media star Paige Spiranac ripped critics on Saturday afternoon by pointing out what she saw as a glaring double standard.

And she might have a point. A pretty solid one at that.

Spiranac tweeted a video from a Savannah Bananas baseball game during which two players took their shirts off and started dancing while wearing cowboy hats.

That’s a weird sentence to write about any other baseball team, but that’s par for the course with the Savannah Bananas.

However, Spiranac noted a distinct difference in reactions between that clip and anything she has ever posted to social media.

“Interesting how different the reaction is online when men choose to show off their bodies, Spiranac wrote.

“Not one comment on this video calling them attention whores or sluts. Just a ton of women saying baseball is now their favorite sport but those same women harshly judge me. The hypocrisy lol.”

She’s got a point there. I can only imagine (you’re probably imagining it too) two chicks cutting a rug on the pitcher’s mound while wearing Stetsons. It would go over about as well a Maury Povich at-home paternity test at a baby shower.

Spiranac receives a lot of guff for some of her work (which elderly relatives of mine would probably describe as “saucy”). But hey, she’s one of the leaders in the social media clubhouse, so who’s laughing now?

Wait… just realized she signed off with an “lol,” so, yes, she is the one laughing.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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