Paige Spiranac Shows Off March Madness Bracket Busters

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Paige Spiranac made some BOLD wardrobe choices when it came to unveiling her March Madness bracket, and the world’s No. 1 golf influencer now has some buyer’s remorse.

The good news, though, is she didn’t hide the fact that her bracket is absolutely gutted after the first weekend. Instead, she did what any good influencer does: do a little half-naked show-and-tell on social media.

It’s called playing chess when everyone else is playing checkers, folks. Paige knows it, lives it, and crushes it – even if her bracket got crushed along the way.

Paige Spiranac reveals terrible March Madness bracket

Unreal content here. How about the balls on Paige to go all in on Purdue by ordering not one, but TWO bras that barely fit her only for the Boilermakers to pull off one of the all-time choke jobs.

Not surprisingly, Paige promptly calls for Purdue head coach Matt Painter to hit the bricks.

“It’s about time they fire their head coach,” she said.

Poor Matt. Guy’s been taking heat for days now and now he gets a haymaker from Paige Spiranac. Not ideal.

Moving on, Paige also struck out on Arizona – another TERRIBLE beat there – but finally struck gold with Kansas …

Except, never mind, they got ousted in the second round.

Paige Spiranac March Madness bracket.
Paige Spiranac made some awful Marc Madness choices.

Bold pick with Pittsburgh, by the way. That was never gonna pan out, Paige. Like the guts, but that was a waste of money.

Finally, looks like Paige still has Alabama and UConn left in the tourney one week in. Not awful, but not great.

Can’t wait to see where this ride takes us.

Written by Zach Dean

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