Radio Show Hangs Up On Pacman Jones After Curse-Filled Rant About Pitt Ahead Of ‘Backyard Brawl’

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Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones attended West Virginia, which means he has to hate Pittsburgh with every fiber of his being. He made it clear that that’s exactly the case during an interview on local Pittsburgh radio while discussing Thursday night’s ‘Backyard Brawl.’

Pittsburgh’s 93.7 The Fan welcomed Jones to the show on Thursday morning hoping to get a little insight from someone in enemy territory. Pacman gave them a little more than that.

Jones’ call lasted all but about three minutes before they had to hang up on the NFL veteran because he simply could not stop cursing.

‘Ass’ was the first curse word, and one or two of those is allowed on radio. Then came ‘f-ck’ and ‘sh-t’ — which are totally off-limits.

The specific phrase that got Jones hung up on was when he said, “F-ck Pittsburgh, eat sh-t, Pitt.”

That’ll do it every time.

After hanging up on him, the two hosts then hilariously debated on whether they should call him back or not.

“No you can’t call him back! He said the f-word on the air!” co-host Colin Dunlap said. “What do you mean call him back? Of course you can’t call him back! That’s one strike and you’re out.”

Jones did text the show almost immediately after saying he was sorry and that he thought it was a SiriusXM show, where cursing is allowed.

It wasn’t even the only time this week Pacman Jones had negative things to say about Pittsburgh on the radio. Perhaps the hosts should have known better.

Written by Mark Harris


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