Pacers’ Buddy Hield Fined BIG By NBA For Flipping Bird

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Here’s the latest installment of NBA Players Losing Their Cool, Flipping Someone Off And Prompting An NBA Fine.

Our next stop is in Indiana, where Pacers guard Buddy Hield got caught giving someone the one-finger flip. And as expected, it was a gesture that the NBA was more than happy to fine $25,000.

Hield was actually caught flipping the middle finger twice, making it a cool $12,500 per bird.

The scene occurred during the second quarter of Monday night’s away game against the Charlotte Hornets.

Sitting on the bench, Hield was spotted flashing the middle finger at someone across the court; at first, trying to catch their attention before not-so-subtly scratching his nose.


Perhaps Hield was riding a high after the Pacers outscored the Hornets, 40-22, in the first quarter. But regardless, Charlotte got the last laugh by winning, 115-109.

The league announced their decision on Wednesday, much to Hield’s chagrin after the costly loss.

While not the foremost signage to show to young audiences, the NBA is never shy about cracking down on the middle finger.

Then again, the NBA probably doesn’t mind it behind closed doors. After all, it would be like carrying a swear jar around Dave Chappelle after he agreed to pay you thousands of dollars for every F-bomb used. Who wouldn’t agree to uphold that jar?

“Damn, the NBA really making their money back from these players,” one Twitter commenter reacted.

Whether it’s money made from fining these players over the ol’ Jersey Salute or shame-free deposits from China, the NBA continues to roll in the dough.

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