PAC Is Sending Out Ron DeSantis Baseball Cards Ahead Of ’24 Primaries

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If you live in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, or Nevada don’t be surprised if a Ron DeSantis baseball card gets plunked in your mailbox.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis hasn’t even officially announced a 2024 presidential bid, but some of his supporters are already putting in work.

One group, Never Back Down PAC, has decided to support DeSantis by mailing out baseball cards with the Florida Governor instead of traditional political mailers.

These will be sent to Republican voters in the first four primary states.

The Card Plays Off Of DeSantis’ Baseball Past

As you may or may not have known (count me in the “not have known camp”) DeSantis played baseball at Yale. There, he led the team with an impressive .336 batting average his senior year and served as the Bulldogs’ captain.

George H.W. Bush played baseball at Yale as well, but do you know what he didn’t do that DeSantis did?

Play in the Little League World Series.

That’s right. The PAC’s baseball card says that DeSantis went to Williamsport in 1991 with his Little League team from Dunedin, Florida.

DeSantis’ accomplishments on the diamond aren’t what will sway most undecided Republican voters. So, for that reason, the PAC listed some accomplishments of his. These included pushing back against COVID mandates, passing the”Stop WOKE Act,” stopping the sexualization of children by transgender activists, and winning the governor’s race by the largest margin ever.

Never Back Down PAC says they want voters to hang on to the mailers. Y’know, as opposed to hucking them straight into the trash like most of us do when we get political mailers. That’s because they want people to get the cards signed at DeSantis’ events.

It’s a pretty cool idea. I’m not sure those things — even if signed — will skyrocket to Honus Wagner-like value, but I you never know.

So, maybe don’t stick it in your bike tire, just in case.

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Written by Matt Reigle

Matt is a University of Central Florida graduate and a long-suffering Philadelphia Flyers fan living in Orlando, Florida. He can usually be heard playing guitar, shoe-horning obscure quotes from The Simpsons into conversations, or giving dissertations to captive audiences on why Iron Maiden is the greatest band of all time.

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