PAC-12 Official Says New Media Deal Will Be Done By The End Of June

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Washington State president Kirk Schulz believes the PAC-12 will have a new media deal within a few weeks.

The PAC-12 and commissioner George Kliavkoff have been trying to nail down a new media deal since 2022, but so far, nothing has happened.

There’s been a ton of smoke lately something could be coming together. There’s also been a ton of smoke that Colorado or other programs might be ready to ditch.

What’s the truth? The reality is very few people know the answer to that question. There are competing narratives doing battle.

Will the PAC-12 land a new media deal? (Photo by Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

PAC-12 appears to be nearing a decision.

However, Schulz has gone on the record and believes a deal is nearing. He told the WSU board of regents he expects a new media deal to be done “by the end of the month,” according to The Athletic.

Schulz also expects PAC-12 revenue to more or less stay the exact same with whatever new agreement is reached.

“At least the projections (AD) Pat Chun and I and others have seen, I’m not sure that it will be a lot larger than we saw in the past, (and) it shouldn’t be smaller than in the past. It may be fairly flat,” Schulz further told the program’s regents. The WSU president didn’t get into specific numbers.

PAC-12 schools received $32.1 million per school in 2022 from the conference’s media deal. The number to beat is $31.7 million. That’s the amount Big 12 schools are receiving.

WSU president Kirk Schulz predicts new media deal by the end of the month. (Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images)

Will the conference survive?

It definitely appears the PAC-12 has the most positive momentum it’s had in a very long time. There were multiple reports over the past few weeks Colorado was getting ready to cut and run to the Big 12.

That could still happen, but fans are hearing a lot less about it over the past few days. Things have seemingly gone silent in the PAC-12.

Sometimes, silence is a great thing. It’s a sign something is happening and nobody wants to mess it up.

The PAC-12 appears to be stabilizing its position. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

The PAC-12 has been on a wild ride over the past several months. It’s appeared to be on the brink multiple times. Now, it appears a deal might be official by the end of June. Of course, the situation remains incredibly fluid. Make sure to check back for updates as we have them.

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