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Matt Ryan comes to life, Clay stinks and bye weeks are on the horizon.Welcome to the OutKick fantasy football week 6 recap.

Point the finger at the St.Elmo’s shrimp cocktail, or blame the Jags’ lazy defense for igniting the Indy offense, but something had Matt Ryan hot. And it only took six weeks. Ryan had season highs in pass attempts, yards and touchdowns, leading Dan Dakich’s (host of Don’t@Me ) Bald Is Beautiful team to a much-needed win and the league’s highest point total (152.16) for the week.

Colts QB Matt Ryan on October 16, 2022. Ryan stood out during week 6 of OutKick fantasy football. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Dakich’s squad took down Chad Withrow‘s The Chadillacs squad, which lost for just the second time in six weeks. But it was a valiant effort for Withrow’s team, considering it wasn’t battling just any roster. The Chadillacs took on Chargers kicker Dustin Hopkins who has Jesus on his side.

And at last check, even bogus roughing the passer calls can’t contain our man JC.

If You Ain’t First, You’re Last

For the second time in the first six weeks, OutKick’s quarterback, Clay Travis, produced a Mark Sanchez-like butt fumble. Calling the signals for his squad (Deshaun Watson’s New Masseuse), Clay’s team struggled to the tune of a league-low 57.80 points. I’d love to give the boss a hall pass, but he started Lions RB D’Andre Swift for the second straight week. Not that big of a deal, until you consider Swift’s was hurt and inactive… and then on a bye.

Did that blow your mind? Because that just happened!

After further review, we’ll let Clay slide one more week. I’m going to go out on a limb and surmise that he was still riding the high of Tennessee’s upset of Alabama last Saturday. That victory cigar smoke likely clouded his early Sunday morning roster judgement. Rightfully so.

Since Clay finished last (in weekly fantasy scoring), that means he’s in line for a public humiliation – also known as weekly OutKick punishment. But (and there’s always a but), since he kinda runs this whole OutKick ship, he gets to sail on by without partaking in any punishment.

One person who (sort of) didn’t miss out on punishment was OutKick writer Armando Salguero. He finished last – I’m talkin’ dead last – in Week 5, meaning he was on deck for punishment. But for reasons that have not yet been disclosed (I assume money was exchanged), OutKick senior producer Aaron Spielberg bit the bullet and agreed to take on Armando’s punishment.

Poor Aaron had to house a bunch of pancakes. Tough stuff. Just a step below a public hanging if you ask me.

Watch Aaron “suffer” through 24 questionably-sized pancakes below.

We haven’t yet determined what Clay – or more likely, someone filling in for Clay – will do for his Week 6 loss, but you better believe we’ll have it on video. So check your MySpace account and AOL mailbox around this time next week.

Feelin’ The Love

Valentine’s Day is still four months way, but that doesn’t mean we can’t shower Danny Dollars (managed by OutKick’s Dan Zaksheske) with some virtual chocolate football love. Double D’s motorboated their way to a decisive win over Writers Block (managed by last year’s champion, me, Anthony Farris), improving Dollars’ record to 5-1. They won four straight games, which is tied with Tier One Day Drinker for the most consecutive wins.

Dan Z’s guys have accomplished all this despite rostering the league’s most cringe-worthy QB, Russell Wilson. Not unlike most warm-blooded men, Mr. Unlimited obviously just enjoys being around Double D’s.

Russell Wilson is living a fantasy
Russell Wilson isn’t making much of a fantasy football impact.

As always, plenty of players were kicked to the curb once this week’s transaction window opened (Thursday morning). And desperate times, likes always, meant desperate measures. Odell Beckham Jr. was added by Grayson Weir’s 5-1 No Punt Intended team. Grayson’s gotta be hoping the free agent wide receiver won’t crap on his team’s early fantasy season success. OBJ likely would prefer the latter.

Jonathan Hutton (Kardashians Backfield) made maybe the most surprising move. Kardashians dropped Rex Burkhead in favor of Dontrell Hilliard. A running back for running back swap that shows Hutton is the ultimate Titans believer, even in fantasy football.

Tennessee Titans fans. (Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images).

You can follow every team’s moves, scores and more right here, all season long. And while you’re doing that, don’t forget to get your wagering fix. Bet $5 on an NFL game and you could potentially win $200 more from DraftKings. And you won’t need Alex, Siri or Google Maps to point you in right direction. Just head to OutKick.com/Bets).

Plan Accordingly

By now you know that the OutKick crew spends countless hours each week hunting down the perfection location to host next year’s in-person fantasy draft. We’ve already scurried the country seeking the perfect combination of ambiance, food and drinks. San Diego, Chicago, Phoenix and more have made solid impressions, but a surprise entrant has entered the discussion – Cleveland.

Hey, if it’s good enough for Manziel, it’s good enough for us.

Don’t forget to set those lineups!

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Written by Anthony Farris

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