Gov. Ron DeSantis Endorses OutKick’s New 60 Minutes T-Shirt

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OutKick is selling brand new “60 Minutes of Lies” t-shirts after CBS ran a long, dishonest hit piece on Gov. Ron DeSantis in hopes of turning a non-story into a scandal. That full story is here.

It’s hard to find a better t-shirt on the market. Even Gov. DeSantis himself tweeted that he’s set to order one:

Are you in? Buy your shirt now at the OutKick store.

Not only does the design look great, but you can stick it to the national media just by walking around, wearing a shirt. This opportunity is too good to pass up.

Be honest, is there anyone who couldn’t rock that look?

Some might even call it “genius.”

Hard to argue with that.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.


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  1. One of the best shirts available.

    Need to get someone to go to the Masters and find Rob Manfred and get a photo bomb next to him wearing the T-shirt.

    It would be a fun way to tie in the CBS Masters coverage, 60 Minutes hit piece and the Georgia boycott.

  2. Love it!……..And Bobby, the lies and deceptions of the leftists these days are so over the top that it boggles the mind. You have probably already seen this quote, Dave Rubin has posted and mentioned it, and I think it sums up the utter ridiculousness of the left’s lies these days (quote is by a guy who was political prisoner back in days of Joseph Stalin):

    “We know they are lying.
    They know they are lying,
    They know that we know they are lying.
    We know that they know that we know they are lying.
    And still, they continue to lie.”
    – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

      • That’s the truth! Their base is made up, in large part, of people who are either straight up sociopaths or people whose delusions border on legitimate mental illness. I’m sure some of the base consists of people who are just plain ignorant, but I think the larger part of the hard-core base falls into the other categories.

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