’60 Minutes’ Stands By Dishonest Hit Piece on Gov. Ron DeSantis

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Some people lie and feel guilty. The media lies and feels proud.

On Sunday, CBS’s 60 Minutes ran an incredibly dishonest hit piece on Gov. Ron DeSantis to manufacture a scandal. You can read about the full episode here, but in short: 60 Minutes accused DeSantis of a pay-for-play with Publix then edited out the part of his answer that explains that Publix was ready to distribute vaccines while its competitors were not.

Here’s the clip:

That’s right, Publix (the most ubiquitous grocery chain in Florida) first volunteered while CVS and Walgreens were contracted to vaccinate long-term care facilities before the public. That’s the scandal CBS tried to invent this week. Despite backlash from both the Right and the Left, CBS is doubling down, standing by its hit piece.

Mediaite first reported that CBS is standing by its editing, telling the outlet it did so for “clarity.”

“As we always do for clarity, 60 Minutes used the portion of the governor’s over two-minute response that directly addressed the question from the correspondent,” a CBS spokesman for the network said in a statement to Mediaite.

Ah, clarity. You mean clarity for the picture you were trying to paint without any paint?

None of this surprises me. CBS is not a balanced news network, it just gets less attention for its biases than NBC and ABC. CBS executives are likely proud of the spin-job 60 Minutes pulled off Sunday. Think about it: not everyone is aware of the real clip or the backlash — 60 Minutes accomplished what it wanted.

The national media is the worst, and they don’t even bother to hide it anymore.

UPDATE: 60 Minutes just released a new, lengthier statement on the episode.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Bro.. even if it was “pay for play”.. $100k really isn’t that large of a donation for a governor’s campaign. That aside, I was reading through some of the very predictable twitter comments from people who don’t even live in FL such as “why would you limit the distribution to only grocery chain”? (which isn’t even true)

    For those who are completely clueless, Publix is a FL company founded in Polk Co in the 1930’s and now has well over 800 stores in this state alone and is arguably the best run grocery chain in America. They are by far the largest grocery chain in FL and have a huge distribution network out of Jax, Lakeland, and Miami and are more than capable of handling the demand.

    The exclusivity aspect was a trial run in a couple counties w/ bipartisan support because of Publix’s network and reputation. This does not mean other distributors were disallowed to partake (i.e. clinic, doctor’s offices/hospitals, drive-throughs, CVS, etc.). However, people are dumb and will believe whatever they want.

      • Take the politics out of it, you’d be hard pressed to find a better distributor in FL than Publix. I mean, I heard something about Dollar General getting in the mix throughout the country and that makes sense because you can find one anywhere but the customer service and efficiency of Publix is unmatched.

  2. And this is why politicians (or pretty much anyone) with a target on their back…should always independently record the interview as well. Selective editing to acheive an outcome is one of the many tactics the enemedia uses.

  3. Lie, lie, lie.
    Then deny, deny, deny.
    Not one shred of integrity at CBS or most major media outlets.
    So why would we expect them to respect integrity as a value for elections?
    They cheat at the polls, they cheat in their coverage, they cheat in their explanations.
    And the lemmings nod and run faster.

  4. Straight from the no-irony zone, the CBS response does nothing to address the substance of the allegation, ie, that 60 mins knew the Publix pay-for-play hit was bullshit.
    The Right: hey CBS, why did you think it appropriate to publish that Publix bought its right to distribute vaccines in FL?
    CBS: we tried to interview to the governor, and we have been on the air a long time.
    The Right: oh. Are you running similar pieces on racial distribution of vaccines in other states?
    CBS: we did research in FL.
    The Right: oh

  5. still searching for a story on Gavin Newsom getting a $25 million dollar donation from blue cross blue shield Cali.

    or how about a story on Gov Cuomo?

    where are the unedited parts of Hunter Biden interview, where they ask questions from his laptop?

  6. Can’t you taste the fear emanating from the lying media. DeSantis would win re-election as Governor by fifteen percent if it was held today. He tells it straight and he ain’t afraid of these liars.

  7. Why would they retract it? The leftist, Marxist corrupt media has been getting away with lies for so long they feel they are bullet proof. The strategy on the left is to literally repeat a lie enough that it become the truth.

  8. The dishonest and fake news media wonder why Fox News is so popular. Everyone knows Fox News slants and biases and you can account for them. Everyone still takes these news networks and shows like 60 minutes as straight news, it’s not.

    IMO they are doing everything they can to wound and damage Ron Desantis on a National Level because they fear his run for President in 2024. He is a more articulate and thoughtful version of Trump IMO. Not perfect but damn smart and his policy on COVID has been remarkable despite the fake news and Karen’s of blue check mark land.

  9. Yeah, CBS claim is as legit as Clinton’s “I did not have sex with that woman”.

    Left wing slobs believed (and still believe) him no matter and will believe CBS no matter the facts. Left wingers are evil. PERIOD.

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