Big Ten Considering Adding Washington And Oregon For Reduced Revenue Share, Colin Cowherd Says

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More smoke is swirling the Big Ten might extend invites to Oregon and Washington.

A recent report claimed the Huskies and Ducks believe spots are waiting for them in the B1G, which might give the programs zero incentive to sign any new PAC-12 deal.

Now, it sounds like that is the case, according to Colin Cowherd. However, neither team would get a full Big Ten revenue share.

Big Ten reportedly open to adding Washington and Oregon. (Photo by Douglas Stringer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

“What I can tell you is that the Big Ten is considering bringing Oregon and Washington in, but they would not get the economic benefit of the other schools. They would get half of it,” Cowherd claimed on a recent episode of his episode. He further added that he believes “Oregon and Washington would absolutely take it.”

The Big Ten is expected to distribute at least $80 million per school under it’s new media deal, according to ESPN. That means Oregon and Washington would be looking at roughly $40 million annually to jump ship. That’s almost certainly a lot more than whatever deal the PAC-12 might reach.

Will Oregon and Washington leave the PAC-12?

As we’ve said many times here at OutKick, the situation with the PAC-12 seemingly gets worse with every passing day.

The Big 12 is reportedly already in talks with several PAC-12 programs. If Oregon and Washington are offered spots for half splits, they should run to the B1G.

A half split in the B1G is going to be substantially more than anything the Ducks or Huskies can land in the PAC-12. Better to make $40 million annually in America’s richest conference than potentially under $30 million in a conference held together by tape at this point.

Below is a live look at George Kliavkoff attempting to hold his conference together.

If Oregon and Washington run to the Big Ten – the smart thing to do – the PAC-12 could collapse very quickly.

At that point, what’s the incentive to remain? No network is interested in currently paying for PAC-12 games. UCLA and USC are already leaving in 2024. If Oregon and Washington follow, no network will pay anything of value for the remaining teams.

That means Arizona, Arizona State, Utah and Colorado are almost certainly leaving for the Big 12. At that point, all bets are off.

Will the PAC-12 collapse? (Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The situation remains incredibly fluid, but right now, the PAC-12 should be panicking. Colin Cowherd knows his stuff. If he says the B1G is open to bringing in Washington and Oregon for 50% of the regular payout, it might be a curtain call on the PAC-12.

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