Hunters Allegedly Film Bizarre UFO In Oregon

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A group of hunters allegedly spotted a mysterious UFO in the sky.

The popular YouTube channel UFO Sightings Daily shared a video Sunday of a small group of hunters carrying firearms that appeared to film something off in the distance in the sky.

“Eyewitness states: IT WAS A STRANGE CUBE FLOATING IN THE AIR. I was with 3 friends. We were out hunting. We walked up into a clear cut and there it was. Maybe 300 feet away and about 50 feet off the ground. Strangely none of us remembered this. It wasn’t until I was moving some random video clips did I discover it. I have the video. Again, very oddly, once we observed this cube for awhile the 3 of us just turned and left. As it was simply of no more interest to us. How would do that? [sic] Just turn and walk away from a UFO,” the video’s description states.

You can give it a watch below and decide for yourself what you think. You might need to squint to see it, but there’s definitely something there.

Was it a UFO in the sky?

Usually speaking, I’m pretty skeptical of anything allegedly showing a UFO or any video that gains viral traction showing something unexplainable.

It’s the same way we approach Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. Always be skeptical. Until someone shoots a Sasquatch and puts it in front of me, I’m not buying it.

It’s a little different with UFOs because there are countless videos, including ones from the United States military.

There’s at least some credibility to the UFO claims. However, that doesn’t mean little green men are flying around up in the sky. It doesn’t mean that at all.

It could be military gear, balloons, kites or just your eyes playing tricks on you. Again, always be skeptical. What do we think is more likely: aliens or our own gear? Probably the latter, folks.

In this case, there definitely seems there’s something up there, but it’s borderline impossible to really get a good look at it.

I mean, they clearly didn’t feel threatened. They had rifles and didn’t open up like their safety depended on it.

Hunters in Oregon allegedly film a UFO. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video

Are we alone in the universe? Are there any explanations for all the UFO drama? Those questions remain unanswered, but it’s obvious interest in the subject isn’t dying down. It’s only getting more popular.

Written by David Hookstead

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