OnlyFans Mom Says She’ll Never Regret Her Decision To Join Her Daughter On The Exclusive Content Platform

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When we first crossed paths with 37-year-old Evie Leana, she had just followed in the footsteps of her 18-year-old daughter Tiahnee by joining OnlyFans. She was two months into her venture and had already raked in more than $20,000.

The Australian mom was also battling with the haters who called her a bad mother. She said at the time, “I’m actually a really good mum, I’m here at the end of every day kissing them goodnight.”

“I’m focused 100 percent on me and the kids. I’ve never been someone who goes out and parties or leaves them,” she continued. “I’ve had a fair bit of judgment, but if you can make money, creating content, creating something you and others enjoy. I think it’s fun and empowering.”

Evie Leanna and Tiahnee OnlyFans
Australian mom and daughter teamed up on OnlyFans (Image Credit: Evie Leana/Twitter)

Evie didn’t listen to the haters then and she’s still not listening now. As a result the money they’ve increased their earnings to more than $120,000 in just a matter of months.

She said in a recent interview about the haters, “One person commented that I should get a real job and some self-respect, but I knew they were just closed-minded.”

“I’ll never regret doing OnlyFans with my daughter,” she added. “We’ve had the best time!”

Evie goes on to explain how much work it is creating content and finding success on the exclusive content platform. The hard work is paying off as is her decision to join her daughter on OnlyFans and the headlines that come along with that.

Mom and Daughter on OnlyFans
Mom who joined her daughter as a content creator (Image Credit: Evie Leana/Twitter)

OnlyFans Has Become A Family Business

Her daughter said of the family business, “My mum has given us both a lot of attention in the public eye, boosting our fans and income.”

Don’t worry if you think all of that hard work is going to burn out this mother and daughter team. That’s not going to happen on Evie’s watch. She’s not doing content all day long every single day.

She said, “But it’s important to think about your ethics – I try and live a life that is as meaningful as possible, so I don’t want to be doing it all day every day.”

It turns out you can have it all. You can live a completely normal life while also teaming up with your daughter to sell adult content to strangers on the internet. What a time to be alive.

Evie Leanna and Tiahnee OnlyFans
(Image Credit: Evie Leana/Twitter)
Evie Leanna and Tiahnee OnlyFans
(Image Credit: Evie Leana/Twitter)

Written by Sean Joseph

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