OnlyFans Models Flash Crowd At Tag Team Celebrity MMA Event

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A couple of OnlyFans models have figured out how to step up the entertainment surrounding influencer and celebrity fights. They flashed the crowd following their pre-fight weigh-in and stare down…and then again after the fight.

Who needs phony trash talk and manufactured feuds when flashing the crowd is an option? OnlyFans models Karina Pedro and Kralovna Slovenskeho certainly don’t. The lead up to their tag team MMA fight included one of them kissing their opponent and both of them flashing the crowd.

In other words it was very entertaining. The two fought in Clash of the Stars Episode IV “Freak Wars” last weekend at the O2 Universum in Prague. The promotion is the first MMA organization to put on mixed martial arts fights between influencers and celebrities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Pedro and Slovenskeho took on singer and actress Kristal Shine and model Denisa Ryndova. The two OnlyFans models were more than just a circus act, they could throw hands too and walked away with the win. Although, it could be argued that the fans who showed up to the event were the real winners.

They didn’t have to shell out any money for a subscription to see some of what the two content creators reveal behind a paywall. The boob flashing celebration isn’t new to combat sports and with any luck it’s just getting started.

OnlyFans models flash the crowd at influencer MMA event (Image Credit: MarioGiraudo13/Twitter)

That’s One Way To Spice Up An Event

The two OnlyFans fighters were very happy with their performance and shared messages about the fight with their more than 50,000 combined Instagram followers.

Slovenskeho said, “This is a little different post than my usual (peach emoji). Unreal experience.”

“I wanted to write a heartbreaking description, but I’ll just say that I thank the coaches and everyone who came to support me. I gave it everything I had in me,” she continued.

“And even though I know in the dark that I could have done many things differently or better, I am with us @karinkapedro incredibly proud. And I have to admit that our opponents performed excellently.”

Pedro shared her own message of thanks after throwing hands in the ring. She said, “Since yesterday, I have had very strong emotions. Winning is a huge satisfaction for me!”

“We put everything into it, both in the preparations and in the match itself. And a person who has never faced his opponent in the ring can hardly imagine how difficult it is. Very powerful moments!,” she added.

“We left our hearts in there. Thank you @clashofthestars.”

Sure the OnlyFans models had a good time, and who knows, maybe they step into the ring again at some point for another event. That’s a possibility.

They know how to entertain and they know enough about fighting to beat up an actress and a model. That’s enough to receive another invite for sure.

That said, neither of them expressed an interest – not in these messages anyway – to step back in the ring. Their focus will likely return to entertaining subscribers.

Written by Sean Joseph

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