OnlyFans Model Slid Into The DMs Of NFL Offensive Lineman Prospects Ahead Of The Draft

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An anonymous OnlyFans model by the name of Alison says she started sliding into the DMs of NFL offensive lineman prospects ahead of the draft as a joke with her friends. Now that her joke is receiving some attention she might turn it into an annual tradition.

Most of her DMs to the draft hopefuls didn’t receive a response. But there was a response from one of the players prior to the draft. A player who turned out to be a Top 10 pick.

OnlyFans Model NFL Draft Offensive Lineman Prospects Darnell Wright
Seattle Seahawks fans cheer their teams fourth round draft pick selection during the 2023 NFL Draft (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

The self-described 25-year-old busty blonde from the Midwest received a response from former Tennessee offensive tackle Darnell Wright. He was drafted by the Chicago Bears with the 10th pick.

Alison, who apparently is a Packers fan, explained her pre-draft joke to the Daily Star. She said, “It was a joke for the girls in my group chat and I think it’s very funny that Darnell Wright wrote that back.”

She added, “He did just get drafted by my teams arch rival though so I have to be a hater now.”

Before any Volunteers fans get too worried about Wright’s response, he didn’t take the bait. The Bears draft pick instead gave her a solid stiff arm.

Alison tweeted out a screenshot of the offensive lineman that she had decided to DM all the way back in March. She claimed in the tweet that she was “trying to find the one.”

When asked why she chose offensive lineman and not skilled players Alison responded, “burly boys only.” She might have had more responses from the skilled position players. They’re respond to the DMs kind of guys.

These O-Lineman Aren’t Looking For An OnlyFans Model

But she did have the one response. Which was from Darnell Wright, and she shared the next day, March 29. He responded to her DM with three barf emojis and simply the words, “stankin bitch.”

Alison’s sense of humor, which led her to the DM sliding in the first place, allowed the seemingly harsh response to roll right off her back. She even made it the banner image on her Twitter account.

Getting wrapped up in NFL prospects’ DMs isn’t the only thing her sense of humor has led her to do. She started on Twitter posting jokes without ever showing her face and when people started asking to see her boobs, she launched an OnlyFans page.

She explained, “I just wanted to post jokes without getting fired when I started Twitter so I didn’t post face, people started asking to see my t*****s and I realized I could make a little bit of money so I started posting.”

Alison’s employer isn’t the only reasons she’s remained anonymous. There would be some issues within her family if they found out what she was doing on OnlyFans. To avoid having to deal with all of that she plans to continue without revealing her identity.

We’ll be keeping an eye on her when next year’s draft rolls around, or for any other draft or player she decides deserved a DM slide.

Written by Sean Joseph

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