OnlyFans Model Sending Nudes To Those Who Donate Money To Help Victims Of The Maui Wildfires

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The Maui wildfires have now claimed more than 100 lives. The fires have destroyed the town of Lahaina and caused an enormous amount of damage. As OnlyFans model Mariah Casillas, who goes by the name Lavaxgrll, points out, it’s going to take more than selfies to help the victims of the fires recover.

The 22-year-old resident of Honolulu has decided to start her own fundraiser. A fundraiser that offers those who donate a free nude pic for every $10 they donate. Talk about going above and beyond the content call of duty.

OnlyFans Model Sending Nudes To Those Who Donate Money To Help Victims Of The Maui Wildfires
Lahaina, Maui, Monday, August 14, 2023 – A view of destruction from Hwy 30 days after a fierce wildfire destroyed the town. (Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Lavaxgrll took to Instagram with an announcement for more than 433k followers. She said, “I’m just being the influencer, so to say, to try to get everybody on the same page to help and do what they can in this time of need.”

“Maui is sacred, beautiful place and there are some horrible things going on right now,” she continued. “They really need our help.”

Over on X she posted, “F*ck it, sending nudes to everyone who donates at least $10 to my Maui wildfire fundraiser. I love this beautiful island too much.”

“RT and DM me after donation, I’ll be checking ;)”

This OnlyFans Model Is Making A Difference

Lavaxgrll followed that up with a link to the GoFundMe she started a couple days ago, which at this moment has raised $7,309. The link came with a message promising, “EVERY $10 = 1 NUDE, LET’S GO.”

Again, she could sit back and do nothing, but she’s found a way to help motivate some people to help out. Part of her message on the GoFunMe reads, “The selfies being posted for Maui aren’t going to cut it. To the hundreds of people who are suffering, injured, or have lost their homes, we stand with you.”

The content creator added, “100% of the proceeds will go directly to those affected by this disaster.”

Every little bit is going to help with the recovery efforts. Props to Lavaxgrll for finding a creative way to raise some money for the victims of the wildfires.

She isn’t the first OnlyFans model to use free nudes as motivation to donate to charities and she’s definitely not going to be the last to do so.

Help out if you can and get a free nude if that’s what you’re into.

Written by Sean Joseph

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