OnlyFans Model Has 7,000 Online Boyfriends Because Men Are ‘Intimidated’ By Her In Real Life

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An OnlyFans model has come up with a solution to being unable to find a boyfriend. She’s decided that if men are too “intimidated” by her to date her in real life, she’ll date her subscribers. All 7,000 of them that pay for her exclusive content.

Nala Ray is tired of dating men who end up being jealous of her success or the amount of money she makes. So the 25-year-old, who makes $300,000 a month, has decided to focus all of her attention on a relationship with her online boyfriends.

OnlyFans Model Nala Ray Has 7,000 Online Boyfriends Because Men Are 'Intimidated' By Her In Real Life
OnlyFans model has 7,000 online boyfriends (Image Credit: Nala Ray/Instagram)

“Every single morning I send my boyfriends something cheerful and then some of them will answer and we talk a little bit,” Ray explains. “We have conversations about their lives, what their day looks like, how they slept – it’s like a full-on relationship.”

“I’m really proud of these connections, I am their online girlfriend.”

“I have two choices. I either have an extremely regular guy as my one boyfriend, who can’t handle the fact I get noticed in public or that I make a lot of money – or I date a guy online.”

She added, “I choose the latter.”

Juggling both hasn’t worked out well for Ray. She feels like she’s neglecting her 7,000 online boyfriends by sharing her attention with an offline boyfriend.

Additionally, her offline boyfriends have a hard time accepting her career choice. Which makes for some odd interactions when she’s recognized out in public.

This Is An Impressive Level Of Commitment To Content

“People will come up to me in the street and be like, ‘Oh, my God, are you Nala? I’m your biggest fan’ – and that’s kind of hard for a normal person to deal with,” Ray told

“In their mind, it tells them that this person has seen their girlfriend naked and they feel it’s unfair.”

“I have dated men who do OnlyFans too, but they get jealous that I am better at it and make 10 times more money than they do They’re intimidated by the fact that I’m the breadwinner.”

Who needs one jealous loser who can’t accept the fact that you make more money than they do? Not Nala Ray. She prefers 7,000 losers, who aren’t jealous, and are willing to hand their money over to her.

Written by Sean Joseph

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