Influencer Mikaela Testa, Who Was Previously Detained By U.S. Customs For Looking Like An Escort, Was Detained Again & Had Her Visa Revoked

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Australian social media influencer, Mikaela Testa, says she was detained then deported by the U.S. government earlier this week. The deportation took place after she says she spent almost two days in a cell.

An apparent issue with her passport led to her immediate detention upon her arrival in Los Angeles. The 23-year-old explained on social media that she had been detained for more than 30 hours by U.S. Customs. Much of that time was spent in a cell.

OnlyFans Model Mikaela Testa Deported
Australian influencer detained by U.S. Customs (Image Credit: Mikaela Testa/TikTok)

Mikaela didn’t have access to her phone and was in a cell with other women who had been in custody for several days. Instead of being allowed into the country, her detainment ended when she was eventually deported back to Australia.

In addition to the deportation, she says her visa was revoked. She followed up the series of Instagram stories with a couple of TikTok videos further explaining the situation.

“I flew 20 hours from Perth to LA and as soon as I got there I was detained,” she said. “When I gave them my passport, there was something on my passport. I was flagged or something, because they took me straight to secondary.”

While in custody, Mikaela was asked a lot of questions. Questions about what she did for a living, her social media activity, and her friends in Los Angeles. As she was being questioned agents went through the content on her phone.

Let’s Get Mikaela Testa Off Whatever List She’s On

While this might have been the first time Mikaela was deported, it’s not her first encounter with U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents. She had a similar experience at LAX in October last year.

Mikaela and her friend were questioned because, as she put it, her friend arrived in Los Angeles looking like an escort. She also claimed during her first run-in with agents that hot women from Australia were routinely detained by U.S. Customs.

The two women were able to convince the agents that they weren’t escorts and were allowed to enter the country. Unfortunately, Mikaela wasn’t as lucky this time around.

Apparently creating OnlyFans content, along with being from Australia, gets your name put on some sort of list. Which sounds absolutely insane.

You would think there would be more pressing matters to attend to, but here we are. There’s enough fentanyl flowing into the country to wipe everyone out and we’re spending our tax dollars deporting OnlyFans models.

Free the Australian OnlyFans models!

Written by Sean Joseph

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