OnlyFans Model Has The Cops Called On Her For Having Her Boobs Out

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OnlyFans model Kiaraakitty was on her way to a cosplay party earlier this week in South Korea when she was stopped by the police. Apparently someone had called the cops on her. The crime? Walking around outdoors with her boobs out.

Being a true content machine she was livstreaming at the time and caught the whole exchange with officers on video. They attempt to speak to her in Korean as she explains that she doesn’t speak the language. She’s able to explain that she’s from Singapore.

OnlyFans model Kiaraakitty
OnlyFans model had cops called on her (Image Credit: Kiaraakitty)

Kiaraakitty is dressed in bunny ears with a lace top and a fur coat with the from of her coat open as officers approach. She is eventually able to communicate to the officers that it’s her first day in Seoul and that she’s on her way to a cosplay party.

She’s heard telling the officers in the video, “It’s my first day here. I’ve never been to Korea before. I’ve never been to Korea.”

She adds, “It’s my first time. I’ve never been to Korea before. I don’t know your law.”

During the exchange she is seen closing up the front of her coat. The fact that the video reached social media suggests her explanation was good enough to avoid being hauled off to jail.

This Content Creator Has Very Important Work To Do

Kiaraakitty managing to keep herself out of a South Korean jail is a good thing. She has farts to sell and limits of social media platforms to test. That’s right this content creator has branched out into selling bath water, jars of farts, and used stockings.

Although, anyone in the market for farts and stockings are out of luck – she’s currently sold out of both. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have something for those who have a few hundred extra dollars burning a hole in their pocket.

She has other used clothing and plenty of bath water in stock. If you’re into that sort of thing. If it’s not, and neither is OnlyFans content, maybe her Twitch streams are more your speed.

When she’s not being stopped by officers for having her boobs out, she’s being banned for something on the platform. She’s been banned four times by Twitch.

One of those times was for a livestream in which she suggestively ate a sausage in her underwear. Like I said, Kiaraakitty doesn’t have time to spend in jail. She has important work to do on multiple social media platforms.

Written by Sean Joseph

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