OnlyFans Model Disowned By Her Family & Kicked Out Of Her Gym For Filming Content

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If you’re not willing to risk it all in the name of content then being an OnlyFans model might not be for you. Your exclusive content hustle could cost you relationships with your family and even have you looking for another place to workout.

Kayla Jade knows this all too well. She’s been disowned by her family over her OnlyFans and been kicked out of her gym for filming content there. The Australian influencer, who has only been on OnlyFans for about a year and a half, explained how it all went down on TikTok.

OnlyFans Model Kayla Jade Banned From Gym
OnlyFans model banned from a gym for filming content (Image Credit: Kayla Jade/TikTok)

Kayla had a goal of making it big on the platform and she knew that she wouldn’t be able to keep her OnlyFans secret in order to do that. So she didn’t try to hide it.

“My goal was to be super successful so I wasn’t gonna bother trying to hide it from friends or family because I knew it was just gonna come out,” she explained. “As time went on I got bigger and bigger and people started seeing my stuff.”

As more people started to notice her content, her friends and family found out about it too. She said, “Friends started seeing my stuff and eventually my family saw it.”

“When my mum and sister found out they couldn’t even confront me about it, they had to ask my dad to call me about it.”

When Kayla’s dad did call her about it he was “super supportive” of her move to the platform. The same could not be said about the rest of her family.

Kayla Jade Is More Than Willing To Risk It All In The Name Of Content

Some of the more uptight among them couldn’t look the content creator in the eye. One family member even sent her a message “completely disowning” her.

That was just the beginning of Kayla’s content related issues. It turns out that her gym isn’t a big fan of hers either. Well, not her decision to film the content in their facility with a fellow gym member anyway.

According to Kayla, the first video she had filmed for her page cost her a membership at her gym. Not only her membership, but the membership of her filming partner as well.

She explains as they were leaving the gym’s posing room together there was a staff member standing outside. The day after the film session the manager spoke to the guy.

“The next day the manager went up to him and said there was a handprint on the window in the posing room and wondered if he knew anything about that.”

After the video came out and people saw it the two were banned.

Don’t worry, Kayla found a new gym and she learned a valuable lesson from getting banned from the other gym. The gym is for lifting weights and not filming content.

That can be a tough one to keep straight when you’re always in make content mode.

Kayla might be down at least one family member and one gym that she can workout in, but she’s never been influencing at a higher level. There are sacrifices that have to be made in the content game.

Written by Sean Joseph

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