Italian OnlyFans Model Says She Made Content With A Priest Who Was One Of Her Subscribers

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OnlyFans models continue to look for innovative ways to create content. As they do so an increasing number of them are turning to their subscribers to provide a helping hand so to speak.

We’re just a few days removed from the French OnlyFans model who created a quiz for her subscribers. The prize is a date with her. Is there content with the subscriber to follow? There very well could be, it’s an ongoing situation and one we’re monitoring closely.

OnlyFans Model Giulia Vaneri
OnlyFans model says she made content with a priest (Image Credit: Giulia Vaneri/Instagram)

As for the Italian OnlyFans model who made content with a priest, her name is Giulia Vaneri. While she knew that she wanted to make some content with a subscriber, she didn’t know who lucky subscriber was going to be or how to go about selecting one.

That ended when Vaneri discovered that one of her subscribers was a priest. She says that once the priest decided to leave his profession, her content wheels started turning, and she wanted to record content with him.

“He was one of my subscribers, then he left everything and then I thought of recording content with him when he decided to leave the priest’s habit,” she revealed.

“I don’t think there is anything wrong with a former priest being one of my subscribers, the idea that he has decided to publish content excites me even more.”

Giulia Vaneri Is A Star In The Making In The Content Game

The 20-year-old has yet to release the content that she created with the former priest on OnlyFans. She doesn’t appear to have set a date for its release either.

Like the professional that she is, this OnlyFans model is going to let the headlines play out first. She’s going to take full advantage of the internet’s power before she drops anything for her subscribers.

Vaneri might be young, but she isn’t just your average content creator. According to several outlets, in addition to being an OnlyFans model, she’s appeared in some Italian reality TV shows.

Good luck to any other content creators trying to top this as far as making content with one of their subscribers.

Written by Sean Joseph

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