OnlyFans Model Astrid Wett Punches Fellow Content Creator In The Face During Brawl At Misfits Boxing Press Conference

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Influencer boxing has become a big business. Influencers from Twitch, TikTok, YouTube and even OnlyFans have all stepped into the ring to throw hands. We have Paul brothers to thank for that.

The latest influencer boxing event, held by Misfits Boxing, was supposed to be a headline grabber for YouTuber KSI. He’s stepping into the ring this weekend to face professional fighter Joe Fournier in London. But the lead up to the fight was a headline maker for a couple of OnlyFans models.

OnlyFans Models Astrid Wett and Alexia Grace press conference brawl
OnlyFans models brawl at a Misfits Boxing press conference (Image Credit: Happy Punch/Twitter)

Astrid Wett, who holds a Misfits Boxing title, and fellow OnlyFans model Alexia Grace stole some of the spotlight at a press conference for the KSI-Fournier fight. The two aren’t on the fight card, but that didn’t keep them from mixing it up.

Wett and Grace were involved in a brawl at the press conference that got started when Grace dumped water on an unsuspecting Wett. Wett responded to the disrespectful move by punching Grace in the face.

Security quickly stepped in and the two ladies were separated. But not before Grace ate what sounded like a decent right hand from Wett. The two exchanged words as they were being pulled in opposite directions.

There’s Going To Be An Astrid Wett vs Alexia Grace Fight Soon

The two content creators took to Twitter after the brawl to tell their sides of the story. Or more accurately to brag a little about their participation in it.

Wett shared a slow motion clip showing that she did in fact land a decent shot to Grace’s face. Grace shared a couple of pictures showing that she was unfazed by the punch.

When it comes to content creators it’s hard to tell if this was planned drama or not. It sure doesn’t look or sound like it was planned. Not unless Grace was willing to eat a punch to set up a matchup between these two.

Which, if the paydays are high enough, maybe she would be willing to do so. I choose to believe it’s 100% real and an attempt by Grace to make a fight between the two. An attempt that likely worked.

Wett has had her eye on another OnlyFans boxer for a while now. She’s made it clear that she eventually wants a piece of Elle Brooke. That fight might have to wait.

Wett can’t walk around with a belt and have people disrespecting her whenever they want. Not without settling things in the ring or with a content collaboration. Either way something tells me the internet is here for it.

Written by Sean Joseph

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