Boxing Match Between OnlyFans Models Astrid Wett & Elle Brooke Might Be Back On

OnlyFans models Astrid Wett and Elle Brooke could be stepping into the ring to fight each other early next next year. The two were originally scheduled to do battle back in July.

Wett pulled out of that fight after a stunt by Brooke during a press conference caused her to change her mind about stepping into the ring. The stunt involved a coffin and an inflatable doll with a picture of Wett’s face attached to it.

Boxing Match Between OnlyFans Models Astrid Wett & Elle Brooke Might Be Back On
OnlyFans models could be stepping in the ring in 2023 (Image Credit: Astrid Wett & Elle Brooke/Instagram)

Brooke fought and defeated former Love Island contestant AJ Bunker, who stepped in for Wett. Despite backing out of the July fight, Wett did eventually step in the ring against social media influencer Keeley Colbran last month.

Wett won the fight and has kept training. The OnlyFans star hopes to get back in the ring multiple times in 2023. She’d like one of those fights to be against her rival Elle Brooke. She’s hoping both of them can enter the fight with 2-0 records.

“I think she has another fight lined up so it’ll be interesting to see how that pans out,” Wett said of the possible matchup. “I want to fight again early next year so if we both had two wins under our belt it would be really confusing for people watching to know who’s going to win so we’ll see how it goes.”

She added, “I feel like there was so much beef behind it and people really bought into it and got excited about it. So next time I feel it will be even more beefy and we have to see how it pans out. I’m quite happily doing my boxing thing over here, she’s doing hers over there and we’ll see if it comes together next year.”

OnlyFans Models Can Get People To Pay For Just About Anything

We’re going to look back on this time in our society and realize that social media influencers and OnlyFans models were some of the best salespeople that ever lived.

They actually get paid to post things on social media. Some of them take it a step further and put exclusive content behind a paywall.

Now they’re tricking people into watching them box. It’s incredible. I don’t really get it, but at the same time I can’t stop being entertained by how it all unfolds.

Written by Sean Joseph

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