OnlyFans Model Wore Body Paint To Arsenal’s Final Game Of The Season

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Fans showing up for Arsenal’s final game of the season over the weekend were treated to a little extra entertainment. They have fellow Arsenal fan and OnlyFans model Arabella Mia, aka GreenGirlBella, to thank for that.

Mia showed up to the game in almost nothing but body paint. Just a fan doing her part to help put a season where Arsenal fell short of the top spot in the Premier League behind everyone. In addition to her body paint, she grabbed a microphone and had someone follow her around with a camera as she mixed it up with fans.

OnlyFans Model Arabella Mia wears body paint to Arsenal game
Arsenal fan and OnlyFans model wears body paint to final game (Image Credit: Arabella Mia/YouTube)

She was out asking questions of fans, snapping pictures with them, and trying to get them to give her their tickets. Arsenal fans seemed to enjoy the interactions, but not enough to part ways with a ticket to the last game of the season. Not even for a kiss or a chance to grab Mia’s booty.

Fans instead enjoyed the pre-game body paint then made their way inside to see their team end the season with a 5-0 win. So they blew their shot at a title this year.

They also finished in second place and ended on a high note with a shutout win that featured an OnlyFans model in body paint and a ton of goals. If that’s not enough to build off of going into next season I don’t know what is.

If You’re Not Going To Lengths Arabella Mia Is For Her Team, Are You Really A Fan?

Following her weekend activities, Mia shared a video on YouTube that shows what went into putting on her body paint uniform. She captioned the clip, which also shows some of her interactions with fans, “Hey guys!! As you all may know by now… I did a thing.”

“This was the most amazing, crazy & scariest day of my entire life all wrapped into one!,” she continued. “But I’m so glad I did it in the name of body confidence, Arsenal fans, you’re the BEST!”

Soccer will never makes sense to me, but I learned a lot about body paint here. Wearing a body paint version of your favorite team’s jersey is the best way to support your team.

It certainly helped Arsenal fans forget about the fact that they collapsed and missed out on a title.

Written by Sean Joseph

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