OnlyFans Star Rips ‘Hockey Moms’ Talking ‘Sh*t’

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OnlyFans star Allie Rae is at war with some hockey moms.

The popular social media sensation and noted OutKick fan is known for whipping people into a frenzy from time to time online, but it looks like some unnamed women are unhappy with her content.

Rae, who is also a huge sports fan, posted a video Thursday calling out her haters and critics in playful fashion.

“Listening to all the other hockey moms talk sh*t about girls like me online,” Rae captioned the video.

Allie Rae isn’t apologizing.

Seeing as how I’m a big J journalist, I couldn’t help but reach out to Allie Rae and gauge her thoughts on the subject.

After all, that’s what we do here at OutKick. We track down the stories the rest of the media can’t find and bring them to you.

As expected, Rae was more than happy to explain her ongoing beef.

Rae hits back.

Allie Rae, who isn’t shy, told me, “Oh yeah, hockey moms used to be the coolest of them all, and were the last “bulldogs” I thought that would turn on me, but ever since the rise of OnlyFans many have turned into Karens!”

However, she was just getting started and the OnlyFans star made it clear she doesn’t give a damn what others think. In fact, she just finds it petty.

“They love sitting around talking about other people’s lives. There are a few moms that I know on the team that have OF and/or at least a sexy Instagrams and all they do is shame them! It’s basically like high school cliques and mean girls. You can’t sit with me BS. But that’s okay, because I am a goalie mom and didn’t wanna sit with them anyway! I even overheard one before yelling at her husband accusing him of subscribing to some mom on OnlyFans. Long story short, I could care less and am still gonna wear my low cut shirt if I wanna,” Rae explained.

While I try not to get involved in internet drama (wait, who are we kidding here?), it does seem a bit absurd to display some high school behavior over someone’s job.

Am I wrong? Am I correct? Who knows, but either way, Allie Rae isn’t going anywhere or changing anything.

Written by David Hookstead

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