From X-Rays To X-Rated, Nurse Makes $200k Per Month On OnlyFans

A Boston nurse has gone from cleaning bed pans for money to showing cans for dough. Allie Rae, 37, opted to lose her scrubs and her inhibitions and create an OnlyFans account. The result: $200k per month. Not only is Rae a former nurse, she’s also a wife, mother of three and Navy Vet. In other words, she’s the real-life version of role play.

Rae decided to join OnlyFans after her Instagram gained a sizable following. Almost immediately, her bank account began to swell. “After that first month, month and a half, we easily cleared $8,000, it was kind of crazy. As a nurse I was making six, maybe seven grand a month, so it was real money,” said Rae via the New York Post.

What started as a hobby turned into a full-time job and big bucks. She estimates that she pulls in about $200k a month. Having quit her job as a nurse, Rae told the New York Post she’s putting in more time now than when she was dealing with patients: “It is a full-time job … we work very hard, girls that are successful like this on OnlyFans, they are not just posting and then just going to dinner and party.”

Rae’s proving that regardless of your circumstances — age, kids, partner, etc. — there’s money to made if you’re willing to bare it all (probably doesn’t hurt if you look like her either): “I am an educated woman, a wife, a mother, I’m still very loyal to my husband, I’m a very good mom. I think there is a stigma out there that that’s not what you see on OnlyFans. There are a lot of us out there and I would really love to make an impact on that. It has been a really crazy ride.”

Though Rae’s no longer a working nurse, she’s still clearly able to make people feel better.


Written by Anthony Farris


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